DreadFrost - Week 4 - Fortification (+ Trading Post + Limited Time Branch)

There will be a Candy Cane Branch. Be sure to stay on top of your log-in schedule in order to claim the candy canes and their respective prizes. I will place this announcement in the “News” section below as well. It’s also presented in the poster above.

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • Tower levels 153, 154, and 155 will be released alongside this event for endgame players.
  • There will be a Candy Cane Branch alongside this event.


  • Does level of certainty determine realism? Is what we are unsure of that another is sure of unreal to us and real to the other, and can the two concepts of reality and falsity really be subdivided? If they can, what is the process that we use to differentiate our own realities from the ultimate reality in order to establish what is objectively false?
  • Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, what do you like about it?
  • What level will you be going to this event?

My answers to Questions 1 and 3 (even though I do celebrate Christmas):

  • There are multiple sides to everything.

You could suggest that we are all merely figments of someone’s dream, and that we have no realistic existence, that everything we can see is held together by someone else’s mental facility, in which case nothing would be real except for in the case of the dreamer; since the dreamer is the organizer of everything and everyone in our world, then the ultimate reality that cannot be contested is the one of the dreamer, and all of our conceptions are as falsely realistic as the imaginative particles that we are made of.

The Peacock Mantis Shrimp is one of over 450 species of Mantis Shrimp that can spear or smash things using only the power of their crustaceous appendages. (With the honor of having the fastest punch in the animal kingdom, the Peacock Mantis Shrimp in particular is a smasher, capable of delivering blows powerful enough to crack the shells of their prey, break through glass, and even fracture a human finger.) To the Peacock Mantis Shrimp, or any of them for that matter, everything is seen in such colorful depiction that it would seem abnormal to humans; Mantis Shrimp can see in color patterns that humans cannot, including in ultraviolet (UV), infrared, and polarized light.

Conversely, Praying Mantises, popular in the insect world for their grisly methods of dismembering their prey (which is anything that moves and that they can catch; even birds, lizards, spiders, and rodents fall victim), cannot see in very vivid color schemes; however, they can see in 3D.

The relevance of the two points I just made may seem negligible, but I deviated to represent that reality and what we perceive it to be has certain aspects that render any means of rebuttal unattainable; humans cannot effectively prove that there is any form of the world beyond what a human can perceive, and blind people are without the fundamental tools required to prove that there is even a world at all. When we don’t have the means required to refute a theory regarding our existence and how reality shapes it, we ultimately become chained to a rock at the bottom of the sea with no knowledge of where the boundaries are that keep truth, falsity, and everything in-between intact.

But to answer the question of whether level of certainty determines realism: everything is a perspective; even a perspective of a perspective is still, in itself, a perspective; the absolute, irrefutable truth is still a perspective. In this world, all there is that surrounds us, everything that makes our world (and our galaxy) up, including the universe itself, constitutes a perspective. If God is real, and I am a believer, we are all living in His perspective, but every tangible object may also encompass our own perspectives.

You may or may not remember the way I started my answer out: “There are multiple sides to everything.” The wall that divides each side, or perspective, is almost impenetrable, nearly invincible, but it only makes sense that until it is broken, the multiple dimensions of perception do indeed play into multiple stratified forms of reality. I am on one side of the wall; you are on the other. It’s soundproof, so I am without persuasion, and so are you. There are no doors, and the border is endless (so there is no way around the wall, and all we can do is walk in a straight line or walk the other way), so there is no crossing into a different reality in order to explore something new and possibly be swayed into believing it to be firm and reliable. The wall represents the ultimate truth, while the borders represent our individual truths; whether you walk in a straight line or you walk away, you would still be eluding the ultimate and objective truth as you remain immersed in your own, but the truth is there to be assessed. It’s just that neither of us know how to reach it because our own realities are the boundaries that separate from the real thing, even if we already know the real thing, in which case, how can you tell if your perspective is objective since you only know what is on your side of the wall?

What we’re left with is that the ultimate reality—the one that shapes who we are and what we can sense—does exist, but we don’t know what it is, and even if we do know what it is, we don’t know that we do know what it is, because in this vast sea of originality and enigmatic property, we only have ourselves to fall back on, assuming we play a role in what is “real” ourselves. Until that closure can be delivered, everything is false from every possible perspective, including from the ultimate perspective since it is something that someone can visualize and hold as their own.

  • If all goes according to plan, I will be ascending to level 580, beginning at level 550; I should realistically manage level 582. Even though I will be opening up some room to play catch-up, I still feel like I’m in a decent place given what I’m planning to accomplish. — Edit: I only managed level 566 because I forgot which island had the discount from my rider applied to it, and was leveling from outside of that range; that’s unfortunate because I was planning to aim pretty high, but the bright side is that I’m not too far ahead of myself and I still got a lot done for this level range before I noticed my misstep. This just means that I can pick back up next time and aim higher using the same strategy.



They literally are handing out the limited time posts like it’s hot cakes.

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Its a tradition in our house that every Christmas eve my brother and I open PJ pants and we change into them. Then my parents, my brother, and myself gather in the living room to with The Christmas Story before we read the night before Christmas. Even though my brother and i are both adults, older than 18 but were both younger than 30 (no one can get bitchy. I wasnt telling you my actual age. Just wanted yall to know that 40 year olds are gathering going to their 80 year old parents house doing this, yet that is) we always have done this.
Even when my brother lived out of state, we called him and read the book over the phone. The same thing happened last year when I worked Christmas eve into Christmas.

Although some might say its stupid and childish, it will always bring joy to my heart when i hear or read “Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.” Gathered by my family.

And my other favorite thing we do, instead off cereal or eggs and bacon or anything like that for breakfast. My family and I eat homemade cookies for breakfast. Why? Honestly I can’t answer that because ive never asked. I mean lets face it would a little kid ask their parents why theyre eating cookies for breakfast? Probably not. And as ive grown up, ive never really cared to ask because it was just habit to eat the cookies.


Minimally. I spend the day with my dad and sister, we exchange gifts and have dinner but that’s mostly it. We dont put the tree up until the 23rd and will take it down Jan 2nd. We used to celebrate it more but stopped after we lost my mom. Used to do all the yard decorations and lights and whatnot.
Honestly I dont really care about it at all. I like buying gifts for my dad and sister but other than that it’s just another day to me. I do enjoy looking at the lights though.

Nothing special, just upgrading everything to the new stupid levels. Might claim the crappy warrior this event if the LTB doesnt suck.

It would be really nice if Reginald could have some holiday spirit and not be such a scrooge with his TP offers this time. They’ve really gotten disappointing as of late.

  1. Lets start with the easiest to answer - trying for lvl 685.

  2. Yes, I celebrate Christmas. Best part is spending time with family and friends - and that - New Years Eve (and a night of partying) is a week away.

  3. Does level of certainty determine realism?

Not sure what you mean by certainty or realism. For example - who’s certainty and what realism (subjective or objective)?

Can the 2 concepts of reality and falsity be subdivided?

Not sure what you are going for with this, but will give it a try.

  • I see a flower as being pink - a color blind person sees it as a shade of grey - a butterfly sees it as being bright white. All three are correct, depends on the ability of senses or instruments when perceiving stimuli.
  • I see a penny as flat, you see it as round. Both are correct, depends on perspective.

Process to differentiate our own reality from the ultimate reality?

Not sure what you mean by ultimate reality. To answer this one needs to be specific. Determining the ultimate reality if Earth is flat or round is much different than the ultimate reality if there is a God/Gods and the dogma associated with them. One can be scientifically tested due to it’s limited scope the other is impossible to know.


Only inasmuch as individualized reality is each our own response towards that which we are uncertain of. Don’t you remember your infancy? Nothing was, to you at least, certain. You knew nothing, had names for naught… yet even so what there was did not concern you much less alarm you. Why is that ?

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What we consider as true depends on what we consider as possible and is probable based on our own experience. Our brain classifies everything what we perceive as important and unimportant for the organism. This anticipation takes place before it is even consciously perceived (So another question is if the free-will really exist, or if we like to think that the ego is the boss in its own house). This classification is evolutionary biological. New information that we perceive is selected and classified related to our existing experiences, it is not possible for people to perceive what is objectively real at all.:face_with_spiral_eyes::upside_down_face:
So of course it exist a major difference of whats experienced as truth and whats objective reality.

One really interesting theory (joke besides) is about radical constructivism. But another theory describes validation of an understanding of what’s known as truth as a construction in communication. It’s in somehow more about what we believe is plausible/certainty in cause our own and collective experience and collective belief’s . :face_with_monocle::nerd_face::sunglasses::joy:

The question is can reality even exist without observation? And if observation changes the observed object, what does reality mean? Maybe it is what it is, a construction of our mind.

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Would be nice if this constant push from PG would stop, we don’t need new tower levels in back to back fortification events. Start addressing the game mechanics,…that’s where the game needs major work and improvements


Sorry :eyes: I’m just a regular player who sometimes makes graphics .


Might want to tag devs instead of replying to one of us players. :see_no_evil: It may give a wrong idea to the person you are replying to.

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No need to be rude she’s / he’s just saying

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For my last reply? It was directed at you. :grin:

Just a lesson I learned in the past and passing onto others.


Perception is reality. How we perceive things becomes reality to us. That does not mean that is reality to others. We tend to get so fixated with our own views we cannot step outside our selves to experience the world from others perspective.

Imagine a world where people can come together and reflect on the world from their eyes. We can understand that our differences make the world a better place. Will it happen in my lifetime? I hope so but I am not to optimistic. Right now we seem to be devolving.

I hope to reach 570


I just wanted to take the liberty to remind everyone about the Candy Cane Branch that is currently present in the season screen. The first prize is available to claim right now:


I believe in the past each prize was only available for 24hrs so if you didnt claim it and that time passes to open the next one you miss out on the previous one. Not sure if it’s working the same way this time but I’d assume so.


I would like to have some opinion about the Oculus branch. I’m not so fond of oculus tower, but I wonder if you consider the sigil price of the other prizes fair enough or to high. I’m not sure if I should get those prizes or keep sigils for something else…

The oculus branch is a pretty solid branch, not as good as the Volt branch since it has way less gold chests but it has fairly good timers, electrums and embers. Volt is the best line (besides draconics from the festive) but the Oculus is definitely one of the top branches. If you can get all of it while it is boosted then go for it, otherwise go for the Volt line instead or save for the festive and draconics (93k sigils)

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do you mean the branch in week 8 or 9 or the LTB that is out now with the oculas glyph in it?

sorry if an obvious question but timing when the glyph was added i was just curious?

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Actually I mean the LTB…

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