DreadFrost - Week 5 - Crystal Caves

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • The Resurrection Dragon, which most players have recognized to be Gunnar (with no official confirmation as far as the evidence provided), will release alongside this event.
  • There is nothing to report until next week.


  • Do you have any plans or goals for 2023?
  • How would you describe the year of 2022? Has it been worse than previous years, or has it improved?
  • Although it’s nature taking its course, would you classify an animal attack on a human as murder?


Resurrection dragon isnt coming out this week, it comes out next week. Pretty sure what Tami said was about the info being revealed since that’s a Saturday, the traditional day the CF gets to release upcoming info. Plus I think PG is still out of the office (did they ever actually return to the office or are they still working from home?)

Not really. I find making resolutions really only sets me up for failure.

I mean how could it not? Covid at least has gotten better (though stupid/entitled people are certainly doing their best to increase surges in it)
I still cant believe Betty White is gone though :sob: :sob: :sob:

Game wise though I think things have gotten worse and my interest is lower than it ever has been before. I see really no improvements being made, just problems being ignored and garbage dragons being released.

By definition, murder is the unlawful killing of one person by another. But then again I absolutely would view it as murder if someone killed one of my pets. hmm… I dont know, I think perhaps we might consider it a murder by a non-human or to a non-human if there is an emotional connection. Like I wouldnt view a wolf killing a deer as a murder but I think I’d probably view a wolf killing one of my cats as one. Same with a human, a wolf killing a stranger I dont think I’d refer to as a murder but a wolf killing my sister I think I probably would.

Happy New Year, be safe and have fun.



It’s been a rollercoaster. Started off as one of the worst and then I changed jobs and things are much better.

No. Murder is people killing. Animals that attack 95% of the time are defending themselves or perceiving it that way. If an animal kills someone it is tragic, sure, but most of the times avoidable.

  1. Spend more time working with Major/Minor League Baseball and spending less time doing legal work. Want to get better with photography/videography and do more interviews. Might also try becoming a sports agent.

  2. 2022 was better than the Covid years - 1. At least for me, vaccines have worked wonderfully and 2. Nice to get out and have fun again. Back to running my 10k, 15k, and half marathons; attending concerts and events; and having a pint or two with friends at the local watering holes.

  3. An animal attack which results in the death of a homo sapien is not murder - not sure animals can form the requisite mens rea. Even then - how would one know if the animal wasn’t killing for self defense reasons? Or killed in reckless disregard for the safety of a human being (manslaughter)?

A interesting question is if aliens landed on the planet would it be illegal (murder) to intentionally kill them (even if harmless and docile)? Same could go for Neanderthals - most (if not all) murder statutes or laws specifically define a human being (homo sapien) as being required to be killed.

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  1. Graduate with my masters.

  2. Pretty uneventful year. During this day an age uneventful can be a good thing

  3. No I do not see animals having the capacity to commit murder. They kill for food or protection. Survival instincts. I can see animals being used as tools for murder. When people train animals to attack unprovoked.

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Also, many species (cats, badgers, ants, dolphins, elephants, birds, fish, primates, weasels, minks, raccoons and dogs- amongst others) kill for sport or fun. Not that that makes it murder by any means but animals kill for more reasons than fear or food.


Most definitions of murder hinge on the criminality aspect; stating it as, a premeditated and unlawful killing.

At first I thought it was more of a moral question. To which there’s the famous Mark Twain quote—which seems as good a discourse as any to start with: “[moral sense] is the quality which enables [man] to do wrong. It has no other office… Without it, man could do no wrong.” Or more commonly espoused, “The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority… the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority." And I think this effectively touches on what seems to be ubiquitously agreed here, that there has to be some conscious knowledge and agency for an action (killing) to be considered wrong… A moral intention if you will. We can argue about deontological and teleological ethics another time.

But is wrong and unlawful the same? No. There are things that aren’t necessarily considered wrong, but unlawful. And things that could be considered wrong, but not unlawful. But we’ll get back to that.

Another relevant quote from the same essay* is, “among the animals man is the only one that harbors insults and injuries, broods over them, waits till a chance offers, then takes revenge.” (i.e. premeditate)

So in trying to think of spiteful animals I first thought of a cat. Maybe not all, but my cat has certainly harbored spite towards my dog (he eats her food sometimes) and swipes and intimidates at later times without further, timely provocation. But this is likely anthropomorphization on my part. Going back to the same essay, Mark Twain also has an opinion on this, “Cats are loose in their morals, but not consciously so.” So again, to what level can we determine an animal’s intent? Does it premeditate? :thinking:

Are we sure animals don’t know what they’ve done when breaking rules we’ve set for them?
A dog can seem to know he’s done something wrong, or is it just aggrandized fear at being caught—in association with our demeanor he knows punishment follows? Probably the latter.

So, so far I get the feeling animals can’t premeditate, and don’t consciously intend to do wrong, which seem to be the necessary and sufficient conditions for Murder.

But does not knowing you’re doing wrong suddenly make the action not unlawful? No. It is still a crime to commit crimes even if unknowingly. Not knowing the law does not protect you from prosecution. So :thinking: but then again, there are no laws an animal can break as we do not hold them to the same standards. Because they cannot intend to do wrong we do not judge them on any basis of law.

Not trying to peddle Mark Twain as the philosophical authority on animals and their morals, but I think I agree with him.

So in long-winded-conclusion, no, animals cannot commit murder.

*The Lowest Animal - Mark Twain

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I was trying to think of counter examples, and I feel like maybe chimps can be quick to anger and kill another chimp, and we know chimps feel attachment and sadness at loss, but I still don’t think they have as complex emotion as remorse at having done the killing… feeling remorse as a response to knowing that was not okay. However I think there are examples of chimps premeditating killings of other chimps who are attempting to succeed an Alpha. So :thinking:

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Another Ice turret glyph


Can PG have bigger much better ideas please? :woman_facepalming:t2:

No. Copy, paste events and prizes. Receive money.
If receive money, no incentive to wow. Innovation takes time. Time costs money. Dead cycle. :man_shrugging:t2: But nah it’s the holidays I’m sure they just wanted to release some easier content to drop (or lack thereof). Cross your fingers for the future :crossed_fingers:t3:

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They usually want any excuse not to do so because I believe they are kinda lazy in the glyph department as well as the dragon department anymore.

Happy New Year!!!


Can something be done to finally fix the synchronization glitch that only seems to exist in the Crystal Caves code? This used to be a problem in the base game, but was finally fixed. My guess is that someone copied some of that old code into Crystal Caves. I have submitted tickets on this in the past, but to no avail. As always, it seems as if tickets are just tossed into the trash with no reply beyond the automated “we received your ticket” or I get a reply that it is being forwarded to the “developers”, aka the black hole.

The problem occurs when a second (or fourth) attacker is required when the primary doesn’t completely finish a base (as when doing Megas or Wildfires and stacking inner fires). Some of the buildings “destroyed” by the later attackers do not register as being completely destroyed in the primary attacker’s data, which means that the primary must now go back and re-kill buildings that were previously destroyed on the later attacker’s screen. When this happens, the second (or fourth) attacker’s dragons end up flying to the end and endlessly flapping during the primary’s run, which requires aborting the game and a restart. If this happens during the third run, it means that it is not possible for the fourth attacker to add an inner fire, which cheats me out of points.

I can add that I simultaneously play three different accounts on three different devices. I doesn’t matter which device is first, second or fourth. It doesn’t happen every time, but often enough that it seems like I am continually having to restart two of the three devices and usually when there are critical points on the line. I will add that it also happens most often when the second (or fourth) attacking dragon is a sorcerer (often Equestor), but not always.

I hope that these clues to fixing a long standing glitch help, but I am not going to hold my breath. I have lost too many points over the years to this glitch (both in the base game before that was fixed and now in Crystal Caves).

Always thought Purple Crystals were as annoying as the game refusing to load with this event.

I kind of like the idea of the Purple crystals. Played strategically, they can be of great help. However, I would like to be able to get an idea of the limitations on dragons without having to open up an attack and then back all the way out before deciding which base can be taken by the dragons that I have available.

Not if your in Diamond league or Sapphire league it makes hitting bases way to difficult when hitting down or down right impossible. It can be avoided if enough people are online but still what if only 1 - 3 are online and don’t really have much resources left? Megas are mostly recommended hitting these things but it’s only fun until you have to hit down.

Yeah, been struggling with that when some of my family members were assisting my attacks.

I ended up not tapping on the green button so that I can avoid it. :see_no_evil:

But the majority of teams are not Diamond/Sapphire. For the Platinum and Gold teams that are struggling to maintain interest with their lower level teammates, this feature is an interesting addition that helps team leaders do training that helps when it comes to coordinating in Atlas.

Doesn’t matter big players could be anywhere especially a good chunk of 600s or 500s in Platinum and Platinum IV the restrictions were created by someone who didn’t process the consequences of doing so.