DreadFrost - Week 5 - Crystal Caves

Yes, there are teams in Gold and Platinum with lvl 600’s. There is currently a team in my P2 league where no player is below lvl 600. But that doesn’t change my point that Purple crystals are beneficial for helping new players (below lvl 400) on lower level teams learn how to play in a coordinated fashion with their team leadership. The game needs to include features for that level of player and not just cater to the upper level, end game players.

That’s really hypocritical point wise. You get less points but these restrictions if you don’t have a very good dragon to use which about 90% - 100% of their roster at most they have at least 1 or none.

Still exists for me in main game. I too have multiple devices, and will often back one with the other for xp or mission runs. Really funny to see one finish the base, and the other told that there must’ve been a connection problem.

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The reason you’d have a connection problem that way is because multiple devices cause electronic waves ( I believe these are called electro magnetic waves though but not sure) that can disrupt each other even electronic TVs. TVs however might have another issue that causes a bit of a disruption, not only being near a electronic device with wifi and electricity but outer disturbances… maybe. Not saying I’m smart just saying a hypothesis and a fact.

I have other devices but this is the only account I use for this game I’ve abandoned my mini long ago though.

I aslo occasionally get the “lost” connection error when doing XP runs, but no were near as frequently as I used to. It used to happen about half the time, now it is an unusual (but still very frustrating) occurrence.

I have a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet and two phones that are all sitting within two feet of two different WiFi routers, plus a smart TV about six feet behind me. If your electromagnetic wave idea had any merit, I shouldn’t be able to accomplish anything at all. I still get the same loss of connection error that FozzieBear mentioned, but it is rare and there is no relation between the loss of connection error and my use of the other devices. It isn’t a loss between my device and the WiFi router, it is a loss of connection between my device and PG’s servers. If it was a loss with the WiFi router, I would have to reset my game device. Instead, I just need to accept the error and start the next attack. The problem doesn’t seem to be as bad now as it used to be, and I attribute that to fewer people playing the game. When I had more issues, there were very active Gold 1 and 2 teams, not anymore.

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Nothing we report to PG ever seems to accomplish anything. Tickets get ignored and reports of programming errors also appear to get tossed into the trash can.

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It’s not apart of the topic but I felt like being a bit of a smart a$$, but you all are different and in different living spaces but the fact is if you only got one wifi router then this where those issues will take place.

One router is for the rest of my building and just happens to be located below my desk. My personal router (with greater security) is plugged into the other one and is on top of my desk. The IT professionals that installed the building’s router saw no reason for concern with having two routers located that close to each other and all of my other devices.

Houses are weird man I always blamed PG for their servers not working when it’s half and half us to blame.

Double nat? Usually it’s not a problem, but there’s a few corner cases.

Do you see the same issue if some of the devices are on mobile data?

(IIRC the traffic between clients does not go via the server in wd. Though I may be confusing this with a different game)

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How bad is mobile data? Is that like a wifi hotspot or wifi is given free when a device detects a nearby signal? I am not to well informed on different ways devices can connect to the internet other than hotspots.

Yes, the same thing happens if the one device that is on mobile access (except that it consumes my monthly data).

Mobile data is data received via your phone’s account (like text) as opposed to a hard wired internet connection (sort of like cable TV). A wifi hotspot is simply a device that receives mobile data and then resends it to other devices via wifi. Generally, that is slower. As for free wifi, that all depends upon the speed of the service feeding the wifi router, the speed of that router and the load (number of connections) on the router. For example, if you go into a coffee shop and you are the only one there, your free wifi will be much faster than if the place is packed and everyone is playing a data intensive game (like WD) or watching YouTube videos.

Guess I got Free wifi but it was most likely not free Spectrum Wifi Router.

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