DreadFrost - Week 6 - Breeding

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • The Resurrection Dragon, Gunnar, will be released alongside this event.


  • Why do some people seem to care more about someone whenever they are dead, after failing to accompany them or treat them well when they were alive?
  • Which dragon will you be breeding this event?

My answers:

  • Most people don’t realize what or whom they have until they no longer do. The state of possession puts up a barrier that keeps most people from recognizing the full scope of what or whom they have immediate or secluded access to; some can see through it and show proper adulation, but most are blinded and only gain that vision once the asset on the other side of the barrier has lost touch.

An example of an immediate account would be a pair of long-time friends who never get along and call it quits after one serious argument in which one or both of them may have made some pretty iniquitous statements; an example of a secluded account would be a massive horde of depraved trolls (let’s say they’re a faction dedicated only to ruining people’s social lives) who contribute to the cesspool of social media, have become notorious enough to draw attention from every angle, and gain the attention of a certain celebrity only to figure out the celebrity commits suicide due to a lack of confidence and the pressure that comes with fame itself, and may or may not have had personal problems to contend with as well. (Such celebrity may resort to the public for approval that they may not get in person, only to be put down there as well.)

Some people don’t realize what they have until it’s too late, and whether they feel guilt or they simply mourn, the synergy between mourning and reflection is normally enough to knock that barrier down. But some people are relentless and only try to debase the possession or asset even further once they’ve already lost access; this means that they either are still too blind to see through the barrier, or their soul has been spoiled so much by some other cause on their side that they fail to see the loss.

  • I hope to breed part of Zahhak this event. I currently do not have enough tokens to breed even one dragon because the past few weeks have been hectic, but I’m hoping for a miracle.

Gunar yeah :roll_eyes::expressionless:

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Because we take things for granted. We dont think about how it will be when they are gone and assume they always will be until they arent. Something like spending time or just speaking to someone when they were alive seemed such an unspecial thing that we put little value into but once we can no longer do that we’d sometimes give almost anything to be able to do it again.

We also seem to have this odd notion that it is wrong to speak ill of the dead but it was perfectly fine to badmouth and mistreat them when they were alive. You get fake people who would say the nastiest things about someone when they were alive and then are suddenly praising how sweet or wonderful they were once they’re gone just so it will reflect positively on themselves.

Just going back and doing some research that I skipped while we wait for the new tier and new research next month

It would be nice to hear if they will be doing anything to improve these disappointing mythics this season, now that the holidays are over.


I feel yah they need to stop with resurrection dragons

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I have 1.15M eggs saved up but since there isn’t a new tier I really don’t know.
Might do like 2 nodes of research and run out of eggs :confused:

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I will save my eggs for the new tier and only will spend some blue tokens on a random Harbinger which I haven’t bred so far lol. Not necessary to max breeding this time.
My plan is to get the new tier dragons as quick as possible and after that doing the research that is cheaper at that time.
But, everything subject to change … when PG is making the new tier more expensive :joy:


I had to think about this one because it hits a bit close right now.

It depends on the person. For some people it’s a bandwagon thing because it’s where the attention is. Someone I was close to (who was basically a second father to me) passed very unexpectedly and someone I considered a friend texted me about it and literally put on Facebook “I didn’t know you that well but RIP.” When I saw him in person I about ripped his throat out and told him how if I hadn’t been called 10 minutes before that his text would have been how I found out about it. All he saw was everyone else was talking about it so he wanted to be in on it.

Other times it’s more along the lines of “what if.” A friend from high school unexpectedly passed a couple days before Christmas and all I can think of is why didn’t we hang out after graduation aside from bumping into each other occasionally. It made my friends want to get together more frequently because it was a slap on the face of you really don’t know how much time you have.


Nothing. None left to breed unfortunately. :confused:

Probably just another 700k for research until next breeding where I can actually breed something.

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One more dragon Ammak, but hey when new tier comes up I’ll just do research for one season and get Draconics again next season if possible.

i though we had gunner in last season. i dont even care to remember those resurrection because they are mostly :poop: lol

It was Hildr so it technically is two Winterjol dragons now.

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I would’ve preferred Nollaig I think :thinking:

Still would be meaningless in the current meta no matter what buff that he gets.

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Because they realise its something they cannot do anymore.

Main: 3rd Artisan dragon Charpent
Alt: Kaze, Jormungandr, Altimorak, Itzani, Tuktu, Valens which leaves me with just 3 dragons (Lusian, Oculex and Bilge) before Abyssal where the legendaries go from 28k to 84k but most likely they get a bit cheaper when I get there since tier 22 should be released with next breeding event (following the last few tier releases that is)



It’s the final realisation that you can’t make amends for being a dick to someone. So you pretend to care in death either to fool other people, or to fool yourself into thinking that you weren’t that bad really