DreadFrost - Week 7 - Temple Raid (+ Limited Time Branch)

I’ve been overwhelmed while trying to reacquaint myself with my college schedule as I prepare for the spring semester ahead, and totally missed that yesterday was Monday; had I not checked my notifications tab just recently, I likely would have missed today as well. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Imperivm92 of the Creators Faction.


  • The Spell Rider will release on the Tuesday before this event (which would technically be today).


  • Considering the despicably low odds, is gambling or participating in the lottery worth the time, effort, and money?
  • Are you susceptible to things such as peer pressure or hazing? Have you witnessed it in a public area? What is your general response to it?

I forgot about the limited branches. I do at least know someone should really take over for you Jalen because maybe should minimize forums and the game as well, I might have to learn that too though eventually.

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Jalen, life and focusing on yourself is more important then letting us know what the event is going to be. Now im not trying to down play youre threads because the questions are thought invoking sometime and the format you lay the details about whata happening in the game that week is nice. But we have the posters, for the most part, from CF to tell us the event. So take time and focus on yourself my friend and dont worry about us kn the forums.


Thanks for your posts and interesting discussion questions. Good luck w college!

Any info on the spell rider yet? Wondering if anyone has had a chance to mine the game data :slightly_smiling_face:

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A link is posted in the OP from Tami, who posted info on it.

You click the arrow button underneath the picture.

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I personally have never understood the appeal of gambling. I guess if you’re really good at things like card games ok but it never seemed fun to me (especially slots). I have such horrible luck that I’d expect to lose every time

The lottery I can see buying a ticket, you cant win if you dont play. But people that go crazy, spending their whole pay check or social security on is are just nuts.

Not really. I mean yeah if Im with some good friends I might be more willing to do some things I normally wouldnt like some kind of activity, trying something I usually wouldnt eat or watching something I wouldnt but that’s about it. But I dont drink and I’ve never so much as smoked so things that there’s no chance I’ll enjoy at all Im not susceptible to.

If it’s from people Im not friends with then nope. I cant stand people anyway so I have very little interest in listening to them try to convince me to do something. No thank you now go away.

Definitely not wasting sigils on the spell rider and I doubt the LTB will have anything Im interested in. Basically only things they could entice me with would be another of those Dragon attack + warrior attack glyphs, a Volt striker rune/glyph, exotic rage or maybe another of the exotic warrior attack + hp rune/glyph. Other than that Im not wasting sigils on it.

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Unless you are statistically likely to earn more than you lose (in very rare cases) it is not at all worth it. The average always win

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Think of it like $ you spend on war dragons. It is cheap entertainment (for some).

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I’ve heard that the portrait is just the old wind guardian again :roll_eyes: :face_exhaling: :unamused:

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The original? If so, I am quite excited as it’s one of the few that I’m missing.

Yeah, the armor elemental ones

I would say that no, gambling and lottery running is generally not worth it. Especially considering the fact that lotteries are heavily advertised towards lower income family’s and people, who in turn make up the demographic that spends the most on lottery tickets of any demographic. And then they get hit the hardest by not winning.

Gambling can make you rich, but either through luck, illegal advantages, or experience. Anyone can have luck but it’s called that for a reason—you aren’t lucky most of the time. Illegal advantages require some knowledge and investment in the field aka probably also some experience, and you can lose a lot of money to get experience.
If you’re a good gambler you can make a decent living, but for everyone 1 good gambler there’s 100 who went into debt.


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Anyone has those exotic glyphs stats? :eyes:

The same as last season, 10% attack and 12% HP


Confirmation needed 2 of the same cant go on same dragon correct??? Orrrrr :thinking:


Yep, they’re the exact same so you cant stack them :sob:


Figured as much but wasn’t sure thanks for confirming :grin: This does suck though :smiling_face_with_tear:

12% hp for the Hunter glyph tho?