DreadFrost - Week 8 - Fortification

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • The Oculus Branch will be released alongside this event.
  • There will be no new tower levels released alongside this event for endgame players.


  • Considering that less can always amount to more, are people greedy if they choose to pursue the greatest quality/quantity of something instantly rather than hanging low and climbing up?
  • Which level will you be going to this event?

My answers:

  • Greed is characterized by wanting something that is beyond your grasp, especially when the item of interest is in the possession of someone or something else.

Is it considered “greed” when a lion attacks each and every sick or old prey item in the environment, and stashes all of them somewhere even a lion’s keen nose cannot pinpoint because he wants all of the quick and easy stuff to himself while other lions have to work for their shares? Is it considered “greed” when an impoverished human tries all he or she can to make some money because the poor lifestyle just isn’t for them? An even more pivotal question: is it considered “greed” when someone aims to be a scholar and pursues knowledge about every topic in the world, and if so, is it good greed or bad greed? Is greed always bad? Beyond just the definition of the term, what is “greed”?

One could state that greed is the brain’s credulous ability to be entranced by sorcerously impactful curses transmitted from the item of interest to the perceiving mind. Do we know that curses exist? It’s at least certain that the world is full of impact, and very mysterious. They say that life is a gift, and gifts can always be followed by more gifts… but not all gifts are good. People also say that life is magical, which would mean that there could also be some presence of good and bad miracles, aka blessings and curses, which constitute all of the good and bad experiences that happen to us. Greed is a bad curse that aims to influence its host into thinking they need more of something, forcing them to make impetuous decisions until they lose themselves.

But when someone does the opposite of what most people would expect a greedy person to do—hanging low and anticipating their climb up to the item of interest—that’s regarded as prudent. Prudence is characterized by employing careful insight and perspectives to ensure you make moves that are conducive to a bright future. But since all that suffices to define “prudence” is the word, “future”, can we really place a value on the word, “prudence” that decides how different it is from greed? It’s important to note that “greed” is also anticipation of the future; we just know by common logic that greed employs a more short-sighted focus rather than focusing on long-term outcomes, often being prolonged to become long-term because the greedy pursuant is taking the wrong approach. “Future” could refer to ten seconds from now; it could even refer to the timeframe between the moment I typed the word, “now” and this precise moment, or the moment when you read it.

A person with strong context clues may state that “prudence” is applicable to the reaches of time that are furthest away from the status quo, while “greed” is applicable to the near future, even though with that type of approach, the future may not be so near. All in all, both concepts deal with the future, so it would be safe to say that even in patience, there is the existence of greed; in patience, you’re content with keeping yourself at a steady and unhurried pace toward a certain cause, but you’re still anticipating it, so you’re still being greedy.

Greed is inherently bad, but not always. Someone can be greedy for bottles of lavender perfume, and although that’s a strange fixation to have, there’s nothing shameful about wanting to smell good. This type of greed isn’t inherently bad, and is actually more of a blessing than a curse, but it has some bad aspects such as the mind-control affect; this affect is even more of a detriment when paired with another mind-control affect that produces an even greater influence on the host (e.g. a woman wanting to hoard bottles of lavender perfume because they attract men to her).

The question at hand is: “Considering that less can always amount to more, are people greedy if they choose to pursue the greatest quality/quantity of something instantly rather than hanging low and climbing up?” Put simply, my answer is that greed is inevitable, and we will always be committing acts of greed whether we instantly aim high or patiently hang low; greed is the act of wanting, and as long as we have a goal or a vision, we are always wanting. But what I would ultimately describe the position to allow certain items to arrest your efforts and judgments as would be something close to corruption: of character, of dignity, and of purpose.

  • From a starting point of level 567, I hope to ascend to level 580 at least and 590 at most.

Thank you PG for no new levels. It will give me a chance to catch up on some of my towers.

I don’t think it is greed to want more. That is just human nature. If everyone didn’t want more, capitalism wouldn’t work. The pursuit of better benefits society.
In my opinion, greed is wanting more for your goods or services than they are worth. If I had a game, would asking $10 for 24 days in timers be an example of greed, or a fair value? The game needs to make money, and provides a service to those that play it. But what do those timers actually get the player? Say he/she wanted to use them to get an extra prize in an event. Suppose it takes about 2.16 M wood to level up a tower on a base. Let’s say 2.16 M wood gets the player 216 K points. Maybe it takes about 5 M points to get from the second to last prize to the top prize. So the player would need to level up 23 to 24 towers. Assume each level takes about 58 days in timers, or about 34 days with a 42% discount. So a player would need about 780 days in timers to get that last prize. Around $330 if the player were to purchase them at that price.
Back to my original question, would this make $10 for 24 days in timers greed, or a fair value? How many players will purchase this? Does that make them foolish or wise? Do you think the game maker might make more by offering a better deal?

I’m really not trying for any new levels this event. I play for the prize. That said, the fortification planner says I will achieve level 636, up from 633.


Would be a a big money maker to offer 1k-12h for $49.99 or 2.5k-12h for $99.99. Only allow one purchase per season. Still not an amazing deal but compared to the current system it would be very appealing.

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Anyone know if towers can be transformed into volts finally during this fort?

Also has anyone heard if Morgo has been fixed on perch once he is ascended?

Heard Mogorot was fixed and perchable even when ascended.

  • Really like the poster this week. Kinda makes the point of question #1.
  1. Would rephrase the question to - “less could amount to more”.

The proverb isn’t usually associated with greed (selfish and excessive desire for something, often more than one’s proper share).

It is more aligned to aspects of life where excess diminishes an outcome. Think of a speech or writing - if too long or wordy can diminish its impact; or cooking - too much salt or another spice can ruin a dish; or a work of art or architecture - too much going on can be distracting. In these cases - less can often be more. As one can see - greed, as earlier defined, has nothing to do with these examples.

But obviously, by definition, if one acts on selfish reasons to acquire and have more (power, money, food, land, other tangible items) they are greedy. Especially, if at the expense of another’s proper share.

  1. At lvl 682 - have no plans to reach a certain level. Not sure what I’ll build up his Fort.
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Ok I’ll give it a shot then and see what happens lol.


I heard they were fixing Gunnar.

I’ll level up to wherever I land and not be greedy :smirk:

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It’s usually around 9 months between when the tower comes out and can be transformed so Id expect early spring perhaps

I wouldnt say less can always amount to more. I would say taking quantity over quality is greedier but taking quality over quantity isnt necessarily so. It all comes down to the situation though. There’s no coverall response for all situations.
Humans are inherently greedy, wanting more for themselves even at the cost of others. We saw this during the pandemic, we see it during times of shortage. Hell, look at the crazed mobs on Black Friday where people would trample others just to get the items they want.

Nothing special, Im undecided about what I want to start working on and I’d been waiting to find out if there was a new tower this season or not.

Im currently torn on if I want to do the oculus line next or do the spell rider. Normally I always do both tower lines, the electrums are too good to pass up. But it’s hard to pass on such a good attack rider. Then again I have good attack riders already like Rosheen, Anja and Suresh yet dont even have any good dragons to put them on.


I had a question is it worth getting 3 Charged Voltage towers on a base? I’m asking this because someone said that these can produce big damage? Then there is part of me saying to keep my set up how it is.

Yes, volts are very good and can hit extremely hard. The major advantage to them is that they are beams and nothing resists them. Lightnings are good but equipping lightning resist is standard practice for attackers. Volts currently dont have to worry about that and with so many dragons relying on dodges, an unresisted beam tower that you can have more than one of on an island can be dangerous.

If they dont come out with a volt resist that’s either on a rider or as a consumable then I wonder if we’ll even see lightnings anymore once volts can be transformed. The only advantage to lightings is their runes/glyphs are much easier to get. But that hardly makes up for them being easy to resist

As much as I wouldnt like it, Volts probably should have been limited to 1 per island so they were grouped with lightnings

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Then I guess I have to re-rune all of this :joy:

If you end up keeping them like I have, move them to their own short island so now you have a lightning kill island and a volt kill island


I’m just going to transform the last 2 lightning towers into Volt towers soon. Or is that a bad idea? I only have 2 Lightning towers now…. Wait a minute … you can’t transform lightning towers into Voltage towers?

Not yet, Volts are not transformable

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The building xp cost would likely be very high for that transformation.

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Do we usually get the new incubator and castle levels the fort before a new breeding tier is released? Or am I misremembering?

They unfortunately come out when the new tier comes out, not during Fort. Thankfully you dont need the castle upgrade to breed and hatch the new tier.

Umm did someone forget to start the event? System email says Fort is live yet no event menu