Dreadrfrost Resurrection Dragon Branch

In this week’s Breeding event, our Wave 2 release for the Dreadfrost season drops. It’s for this season’s resurrection dragon branch, Gunnar, the valkyrie dragon! Below are the details.

The last fugitive Blackblood drake, craven and spiteful…

The Gunnar Resurrection Branch will contain the initial Dragon Egg at the Orange Tier, and then Evolution Stones from Orange > Radiant Tier. If you already have Gunnar or do not need a particular Stone, you will be rewarded with an alternative prize instead. The branch will cost 39k sigils, and contain 6 season keys and 2 ascension tokens. Check out the details below.


  • Snow Blind - Active | White | 2 Rage

    • Increases breath damage by (145)%. Freezes buildings for (4) seconds. Spell has a 4 second duration and no cooldown.
  • Cloak - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Dragon becomes invisible and cannot be targeted until it attacks. Spell has a 12 second duration and 3 second cooldown.
  • Hunter’s Mark - Active | Red

    • Marks target tower. When target tower is destroyed, dragon heals for (31)% of its modified HP and restores (2) rage. Spell has no duration and 4 second cooldown.
  • Ice Flak Resist - Passive | Yellow

    • Reduce damage taken from Ice Flak Towers by (70)%.

Runes & Glyph


The 1 rage cost on Hunter’s Mark is missing just fyi

Also when does Hunter’s Mark turn white because mine is still red

@DragonPunch @PGrdm @PGTimber

Could PG possibly make some kind of statement about the issue regarding the current state of 3 Dreadfrost mythics, please? There have been multiple topics discussing them for over a month and there is very little (if any) positive feedback from the people flying them. Even just something saying it is being discussed so that we at least know these concerns have been seen would be appreciated. As of late it feels like PG has mostly abandoned these forums. Very few replies about things, almost no questions being answered and overall just a general feeling that things are going in a bad direction and we’ve been left on a liferaft as PG sales away without us. After last season of forever glitched dragons we would really like some kind of communication.

I know you guys are just coming back from holiday break but this is kind of a top priority thing


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Yeah hunters mark is still red and currently it costs 1 rage

I think they wanted it to be white and cost zero rage

Which also probably means they didn’t change the freeze duration on snow-blind from 3.5 to 4 seconds

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There is a 4 second duration freeze effect, but yes, snow blind still uses the 3.5s one.
For Hunter’s Mark I dont see any attempted changes and if you ask me the better change would be to make it so you can target the “monuments” in atlas rather than making it white


Can we please get some feedback on the change that was supposed to be made to Hunters Mark? Neither new getting for first from branch nor leveling up of existing Gunnar has the white no-rage cost as advertised (one of the main reasons I got the branch). Is this to be fixed?

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I want video with Gunar :eyes:somebody get it ?

We want to get the new stones for Gunnar, but not until we know whether the spells will be white or not. Which sucks, cause waiting on a response from PG may mean missing out on the extra 20% :pensive:


Well, I put my faith in PG to make it right and got as much of Gunnar as I could.

Let’s see if they fix the spell or if they just leave us disappointed.

The total lack of PG activity on the forums lately is rather discouraging, but whatevs.


@DragonPunch @PGTimber @PGrdm

PG is looking at Z.D.G , Jonesy and MiinaNiina comments, right?
I believe PG will fix it :relaxed:

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I think the only way to get a PG response is to discuss cheating.

I think I may be hacking as my Gunnar spell is still red, it isn’t white like PG said it would be. Please don’t ban me, I didn’t do anything to make it still be a red spell. Maybe someone hacked my game and made it still be red?


It’s still red for everyone :man_shrugging:t4:

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Thank you Captain Obvious. Try reading the whole thread. There’s only 11 posts before yours, yet you couldn’t manage to get the context. Do you even forum?

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Bro chill, I get ur frustration but getting pissy at other people isn’t gonna fix anything

Could’ve gone better if you had just replied with HAX! there under the quote. :see_no_evil:

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Idk why y’all would even bring up hacking when we all know pg dropped the ball and don’t want to admit it. I don’t think they’re gonna reply any faster if we blame it on outside cheaters than if we blame it on them.

The point of bringing up hacking was because other than witty tongue in cheek replies and posting (wrong) season info, PG has been mostly radio silent since December.

Kinda defeats the point of the joke if you have to explain it. But I guess I don’t know my audience well enough.

Anyway, this cluster has run its course, back into self-imposed forum exile. I’ve already said more than I intended to. Prolly get banned again for being a smartass. Oh well.


Sorry, I thought you were being serious :joy: in my defense it is hard to tell sometimes

You have to be serious on the surface for the overlords to take you serious and render a response, cause well, ya know, them putting out blatantly wrong info and refusing to address it isn’t good enough reason for a response.

And the whole “submit a help desk ticket” line doesn’t work and never makes it past rent-a-help desk for $7.25 an hour. Just saying.