Dream Mythic Dragon!

what’s is your dream mythic dragon u wish you owned right now???
My dream mythic is between (Apophet) or (Hauhezen)
but thats gonna take years haha
if you were me would u choose (Apophet) or (Hauheset) ???

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if u play smart , apophet will be close , hauheset the sapphire mythic also . HAUHEZEN the seasonal mythic is another topic .


I would choose hauheset if that’s what you mean, but if I could choose a seasonal mythic it would be naja

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For me, narlyth or Naja fo’sho’

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Skarr 2.0, because it was my first Season dragon. But I’d be satisfied with a legendary new version :pleading_face:

I loved my Skarr buddy as a little hatchling…


once I had a dream about a mythic dragon, he was entirely covered in eyes


poop 10m gold daily , kamikaze skill destroy entire base ,bring coffe ,make a massage and never ask question… :roll_eyes:


For me it was Equestor. In his time he was unstoppable. I had +3 chain lightnings on him so he destroyed almost everything on a long island, plus with the Summon for more boost and all the rage he generated with his other spells… his thunderbolt spell had no cool down… he was a straight beast.


Soooo gig?

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Dream Mythic Mythic would definitly be somewhere between Neptus and Ronin :slightly_frowning_face:
Sadly wasn’t ready for any of the 2 during their seasons


My dream mythic is definitely Neptus. I love any water themed drags and he was before my time.

Skarr happened to be my first divine too… lmao

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It wasn’t my first Divine, that one was Sigurd. But only the egg. Very small player then well below lv30.

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ah ok

My dream mythic I wish I had will always be Neptus :heart_eyes: design wise he’s still best looking dragon. He was the star on YouTube when I started playing :grin:

(Surt was another dream mythic but that was before the nurf :joy:)

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I wish I got Narlyth, he looks very cool


If you mean Hauheset … the breedable mythic hunter, then…

I would say Hauheset, but if you mean…

Hauhezen and Hauheset are two totally different dragons. Hauhezen is this season’s seasonal mythic fire hunter, while Hauheset is a breedable Sapphire mythic hunter.

To answer your question, and I assume you meant between Apophet or Hauheset; I would just go with whatever is next on your breeding guide. You’ll need them both to continue breeding anyway.

If you meant which seasonal we would desire to get, I would love to gain possession of Narlyth, Noctarn, Gig, Ronin, Naja, Namaka, and Meglok. I hate warriors, but Gig and Meglok are OP.

Mine too, except I lost my email and password and quit out of frustration, then came back December of 2018, so I no longer have Sigurd. He was really good in his time.

I think this thread should be moved to Off-Topic… :sweat_smile:

That said, my dream mythic is Ronin - oh wait already got him <333

If I had to choose between Hauheset and Apo… I still keep Hau in my roster for PvP and hunting rss but for Temple Raid, my go-to is Apophet.


I got narlyth but regretted it because of bugs… would rather swap it to Gig instead…