Dreams.. Want To find Disbanding Atlas Team for G1 team

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Anyone have a team that they are saving and don’t know what to do with? Anyone a charitable soul that wants to help ? Lol

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LFT – Disbanded Atlas Takeover `


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About: I am an officer of a Very Active G1/G2 team, LostSouIs and we are possibly hoping/ looking to take over a possible disbanded or disbanding atlas team for use to grow and learn the mechanical aspects. We understand that this may not happen overnight but please keep my post in mind.
I’m newish to the forums, so I hope I went about this correctly, and thanks again

Check out Ashes2stone a former team of mine in gold with atlas and 1/3 full team at the moment

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Message me in game if you don’t mind? Same name as here, The issue here is we have 49 active players, so we would have to discuss things


a 350 yrs old?


:man_shrugging:Never know.
Lol but thanks I fixed it

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