Dreth at level 1

Does anyone have any tips for flying Dreth at level 1? Out of the seasonal dragons, I struggle the most with him. Whirlpool seems worthless at that level, better to constantly attack and shield when off cool down.

Edit: I’m currently at base level 42, so not a possibility to level up any time soon…

The poster could be a low enough level that it is impossible to evolve Dreth.

IIRC the very first level up is evolve to green tier… I could be wrong though.

Oh, okay, clearly I am out of touch with that level. Three years is a depressingly long time ago.



guess could get a level or so before green, but I get your point.


I’m out of touch with that level too :rofl: But I recall reading a lot of posts about the wonky scaling of divines for low levels since PG seems fixated on a 60 (or 65 or whatever it is) as the max number of levels for seasonal divines. The more tiers you cram in there the more jumpy the leveling gets.

Personally I wouldn’t care as much if they made divines have 100 levels or 200 or whatever (just adjust feeding costs so they are more in line with current feeding costs), if adding all those extra levels mean you never have to hit a patch of: upgrade your den 5 times… yay, I got to train my divine dragon ONCE :unamused:

But back to the OP’s question on how to fly a lvl 1 Dreth. I have no tips. I didn’t actually start flying mine until it was already in obsidian tier. (I wouldn’t call starting a run with it and immediately swapping to a different dragon as “flying” Dreth.)


Is he any good when he has all skills available?

There are some sections where be might struggle because of how leveling works. But people who fly him more competitively seem to have good things to say about him. I just use mine for lazy invader runs so I’m not the person to ask :rofl::rofl:

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As soon as I unlocked all his spells that’s when I truly started learning him , I just asked people to help wit runs to get exp and then I got the evolution stones
I suggest trying to time everything at level 1

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Dreth is pretty decent. I refrained from using him until green tier. But I do remember the story of how I got Gunnar to where he is.

I got Gunnar at level 43 two seasons ago (Winterjól) and I could not level him up to green. You can get green divines at level 49, but I think you need two green legendaries? I’m level 76 and am just about able to breed platinum dragons. Generally, divines start getting a bit better at green, because you have 3 of the 4 spells.

I absolutely hated how weak my divines were when I was below level 49, so my advice would be to get to level 49 as quick as you can and make sure you’re in green tier as quickly as possible. For now, you can build up XP on Dreth by using the daily XP multipliers so that you will be able to get his maximum green tier level in one round.

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Thanks for input guys! Chelonoth is destroying everything as a level 1 divine. I guess healing is important.

It’s the summon dragon and health boost (so damage and mega health boost) that are the reason he is so powerful at your level.

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Lucky levels, where the warriors are great dragons :slightly_smiling_face:


Dreth is a great dragon. Maxed out Astrid with elite/legendary gear either legendary/mythic runes and he’s taking it bases 50+ levels higher than me with ease. Mind you my dreth is garnet right now

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