Dreth BUG after whirlpool

Hello guys !

My main dragon is Dreth and since the last patch he is not usable anymore (sandblast is blocked after the use of whirlpool).
As consequence, this event is completely ruined for my since I don’t have any dragon as powerfull as dreth.
I have 2 questions:

-How much time does PG take to correct that kind of bug ?
-Does PG give any kind of compensation for this ?

Because it litteraly kill the fun to have your best drag obliterate by a bug …
Thank you

Best advise is probably, to just get used to it.

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PG might give compensation, but probably not enough to make up for what you lost due to the bug. As far as how long to fix the bug…that can vary. They usually will not fix bugs over weekends. Typical time may be a few days. Unless it’s one of the bugs they just never fix.

Below is a list of some of the biggest issues that cropped up after 5.07’s release:

  • Sorcerer Dragons, such as Dreth, Sylphen, and Zenko, having issues with their spells being greyed out
    • STATUS: Fix in place
    • We found the root cause of this issue, but this fix requires a version update. This update, Version 5.08, is currently being submitted to Apple to address these issues.
      That’s the next update suppose to fix

As others have said, this is an issue that is a result of the War Dragons version 5.07 release. Issues with this release are being discussed on this thread:

Please continue the conversation there. As @TheSeekerMeki has stated, there is a fix that has been created for this issue, but it won’t be released until version 5.08