Dreth damage bug

I have found Dreth to be very useful and powerful if flown correctly.
Like most people, I have made mistakes and tried to use his AOE spell with a Red Mage tower in the area.
The spell fails (which is correct). I hit the Red Mage with the tangle vines (I’m not sure if that is the name, but you get the idea) and then the Sands AOE spell.
Even though the heath bars of the towers are grey and show sand piled around the towers, any and every attack against them by Dreth does zero (0) damage. I even had a teammate fly Dreth for a second attack with the same results - 0 damage. This was against the food and lumber farms, but I’ve seen it against other towers.
Sands AOE vs Red Mage>Diablo Red Mage with Vine attack>Sand AOE attack.

try using sand blast and quickly (while sand blast is in the air) use whirlpool (his “vines” - like spell) to take out the red mage before sand lands. You can also use hydrostrike as part of the combo if you’re inclined

Is this started only today? I was clearing invaders regularly with dreth until yesterday. Taking advantage of fast healing to mine gold. Suddenly today It can’t. Just logged into forums to see if anyone experienced the same.

My buff (green “Buff Active” in upper right of roster window) shows I still have 95% reduction in heal time. Seems fine to me.

Did you take a rider off to put elsewhere?

Buff meaning healing and xp bonus is still there. It just can’t kill towers like before.

Also my dreth is at platinum (i left it there for temple raid and maybe assault now) and I am taking level 200 invader base with it. So a small change in damage is immediately apparent.

The point is it could clear with no issues till today, unboosted and ungeared. I just sand the 5 towers and swipe a couple of times to kill before towers unfreeze. Now it kills dreth first. Either sand damage is reduced or normal attack is. Not sure which. :man_shrugging:t2:

Guess I misunderstood this to say your dragon also wasn’t healing quickly.

Mine is still doing fine on invader, but I don’t know the damage detail comparison

Invader is a different issue than the original post.

It appears that with invader, some small buffs have been applied in order to give more XP.

The OP was talking about a certain order of spells making towers invincible on standard bases (non invader, with red mages to possibly trigger the bug). I wonder if its repeatable?

With the Atlas Invader damage, I’ve noticed the damage isn’t enough to kill all of the towers a few times.
You make a run and it’ll kill all of the towers. Later, you make a run and it won’t. Shows the towers with sand piled around them, but not dead like they should have been. It won’t be every island on the run, just one or maybe two.

Yes, I know how to use Dreth, thanks. That’s what the entire post was about - hitting the wrong button and hitting a red mage tower with Sand Blast which does not work, then using the tangle spell to nullify the red mage.
That’s is the bug - when you do that and then cast the Sand Blast spell, it doesn’t always work. It casts a protection on them requiring a different dragon to kill them. Even if your teammate follows using Dreth, Dreth won’t do any damage.
Event the ordinary swipe spell won’t do damage - the damage numbers floating off the towers are 0. (Zero).

Why do people insist on posting something that has nothing to do with the problem?

Well, I was trying to help and Frankly you still seem to be saying that normally use whirlpool first to disable the red mage, which is opposite to what I said.

Since you didn’t even know the names of the spells, I am sure you can appreciate why I might have thought you were not yet adept at flying the battle fish.

Please forgive me for my mistake, or maybe just read, (or not) my post and take it or leave it. Not like it caused you too much distress I hope.

Cheers mate


I also found Dreth’s Sand blast damage is inconsistent. I’ve attacked the same base over and over again, after I whirlpool the red mage, I then sand blast those towers.

Sometimes the sand blast will KO those towers in one hit, and sometimes it only damages like 1/4 health and sometimes 1/2 ?

Any ideas? All Red mage disabled & no one defending

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Casting Sandblast too fast will make the damage equals to normal attack (without 18%HP as additional damage)


If you use Dreth’s normal breath attack then use the sandblast attack, the sandblast attack does limited damage.
It is repeatable. I just made 2 Atlas runs with Dreth.
During both runs, I was able to make the bug happen 2-3 times each run.

It’s not the normal attack, it’s a bug triggered by selecting and firing the spell too quickly. Massively annoying, but the work around is half a second pause between picking the spell and firing it off.

Edit: It’s not just this one, all fireball and freeze-style spells have this.

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I have never run into this problem except with Dreth.

Sounds like a lack of experience problem?

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It’s a case of correlation rather than causation. Casting while a dragon’s normal attack is still airborne requires you to shoot fairly fast and can trigger the “casting too quickly after tapping a spell” bug

My Itzani normally oneshots my invader towers with sand

Here sand is doing less damage even though I have not used my normal fire

And lastly sand doing normal damage even though a normal shot is still in the air

I have video of this but I don’t know how to use any video editing software. And quite frankly it’s an embarrassing flight because I was too focused on getting the right shots :eyes::see_no_evil:

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Deliberately triggering the bug is a thing :wink:

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It is. Helps Hau with rage drains that have low-but-not-lv1-low mages

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