Drop atlas requirements back to platinum


So a few snowflakes lost their castle to stronger teams? That’s part of the game. Get a castle, lose the castle. Hold a grudge, get stronger, get allies, take it back. At least when platinum was the requirement teams stood a chance at getting there. It would be next to impossible to make it to sapphire without atlas. It just seems ridiculous to me that because some people cried do much about “bullying” in atlas, now many teams cannot have access. Instead of being happy that they have access to all those free timers and the chance to acquire a bank they cried that they’d actually have to be smart about it and hold that castle. Stop punishing the masses because a few whiners. Maybe I’m just ranting but so many teams would be happy just living in the white zones until they got strong enough to contend a castle. Crazy part is, pg would make more money as more people would be in there buying atlas elite. Sure, more would whine about the sapphire and diamond teams beating up on them but that’s just how it works. If you don’t like it go play “My Little Pony Adventures”.


what we have now is permanently have a way for teams to get access.

If we go back to before, I think it would take more than a season before another wave of teams is provided with access.

Also, atlas will get overly populated. Aligane already has like hundreds of people battling which causes lag issues. What more if another set of teams is added and also go there.


Yes, exactly! I couldn’t have said better myself! I am so happy to see that we can agree on this! Adding a massive amount of “whiners” (your word, not mine) to the current Atlas would make it unplayable!

That would be a disaster for us, and wouldn’t help you either.


We don’t have a realistic way for teams to get atlas. A simple expansion would drastically help the population concern. My issue is paying customers only being allowed access to half of the game. Atlas did just fine when the platinum rollout occurred. The issues were no different than when more sapphire teams gained access before that.


I would agree if we were talking about dropping it to gold. The difference is most of gold is either teams of 10-20 active players or full teams that never wanted atlas. Platinum consists mostly of teams that are striving for growth. Teams that had potential lose it to teams that already have atlas.

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It would give everyone more chances for glory. It would help alot of people due to there still being decently high levels on plat teams.

For example my team is plat 4 and we just warred a team with a 455 on it. That’s another person with 100% glory being added to the mix.

I’ve always been a strong supporter that everyone should be able to have atlas access if they want it. Even if they did Reds suggestion of a bunny slope type of thing where they had access to part of atlas but certain things were unavailable to them until they reached a certain league.


Fully agree! The only real complaint seems to be the concern for lag. Thing is, their problem isn’t with smaller teams as they seem to think. Their issue is with the company that’s not doing what it needs to do with the servers to accommodate the amount of players.


Or you could just join an existing atlas team…

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That’s not the point. I’ve spent most of my time in sapphire and diamond. Obviously I had atlas there. I still think it’s stupid to only allow half the players access to part of the game.

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Now that gear crafting is allowed for non Atlas as well, the chance is bigger.
PG just need to let them to get rational number of shards each week (without further dilluting drop rate in chests)


Erm… did you miss the memo where all of platinum got atlas last summer and fall?


I mean the current updated platinum leagues. Sorry was distracted and should’ve clarified lmao


Since pg announced that altas is for saphire league only, I have lost many good players in my team due to not having atlas. I still hope to have atlas at re-evaluation. Every time i face recruitment problems, i start being disappointed with my loyal team members. Players habitual of playing with atlas don’t join non atlas teams.

It is hard equal to impossible to get into saphire league without atlas.

Hey. Please don’t tell us there will be overload in atlas if platinum teams are given atlas. If you think it will be overloaded, Pg should solve this issue why should Platinum teams be deprived from atlas. Why why.

I didn’t have to waste my time to fight and stay in platinum league to have atlas. This not having atlas has become a pain. :disappointed:


Pretty much every platinum team with atlas currently is likely struggling to maintain a full active roster of 50 players. Feel free to join any of them (or ours even :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) if you are that active and want atlas.
Edit… recruiting sucks :unamused:


Yep, we keep having people miss wars so have to replace them regularly. Not sure what’s so hard about 3 min a day to do a war but I digress. We have multiple castles only missing 1 element and recruiting actives is still a pita.

That being said I think atlas should be open to every team through platinum regardless of when they got it and I think portions of atlas should be available to every league. Like the ability to farm shards, REAL invader bases, and maybe a lvl 1 bank. Still torn on the bank thing but the others I’m 100% for.

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I am dying to know why they do that… We missed our last 3 wars because some wonderful people cough with very active status, goals in the game, perfect resume, despite everything managed to miss completing their war run.
Another favourite is the one who leaves the team with zero or very short notice.

As these unexpected situations happen on a regular basis, my team is almost always ready to take in a handful of players.

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I personally think they made too deep of a cut by going all they way up to S3 for access to Atlas rather than P1 . Feast or famine it seems.

IMO In order to have healthy higher league play that doesn’t rape all the competitive players out of the lower leagues and leave enough mid level competitive players in Plat 1/2 to keep the cycle going.

It’s these successful platinum teams that need to be healthy and viable so that when they have players transition to a higher level team their team position can handle the attrition… mostly because they are successful enough that recruitment isn’t a time consuming void of exhaustion.

It appears, from my point of view, that the churn at the top has caused a pillaging of competitive players and there are barely enough left to keep S1 and S2 teams going in the current environment of Atlas.

By “forcing” players to consolidate and move to existing Atlas teams for players that want to experience Atlas, PG is correcting the dilution that occurred when Atlas was suddenly offered to P2, P3 and P4 teams (not a well thought out plan imo). It’s the right move, albeit not the popular one.

Atlas is a team killer. The churn is pretty amazing really. There is lots of room to consolidate teams and keep groups of players together if players can get over that it is not a right of passage into higher leagues and just because you want something doesn’t mean you can get it.

It’s a harsh perspective, but leaders and officers that are looking to get into the more competitive side of WD need to stop being so attached to their team names and start working with the current reality. Their experience and their players experience will be greatly improved if they do.

Healthy, active Plat 1 and 2 should be a goal for all players.


I know a plat team with castles that will take ANY reliable person who never misses war. That is their only requirement. Build some troops, hit in war. ANYONE wanting Atlas with a plat team should send me a PM and I’ll hook you up. Its that simple.

Give up on the complaints here on the forum about it.

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The forums are for complaints and discussions. That is literally why they exist.