Drop Breeding Castle level 15 to Player level 430 before breeding. 🥺

Breeding Castle/Inc level 15 level 435 is too high and should drop to 430 before Mythic Abysmals are released.

Given the recent tower boost I don’t see why this can’t be accomplished without disturbing the force.
Also, the cost of Mythic Emps is still WAY too high and should be cut down at the same time. 280K or even less.



that would also lower the other requirements like uncapping abyssal evolution stone , I disagree it is ok where it is

Meglock/Nam were already adjusted. No? Some of the web sites are not updated. Leave all of the evo stones alone going forward.

Also, if we had some confirmation that PG is slowing down the cadence and I mean MORE than just the proposed 1 week then I’d be willing to back off of this, somewhat. Us N-1 players are hurting badly. PG needs a plan and soon.

yes they did and every mythic in withermoon but also the winters mythics would follow the same pattern of evolving

@Hwrd are u saying to lower only the hatching of these dragons to 430 but keep evolving as it is ? that wouldnt hurt tbh , all previous tiers get hatched before divines can use that tier evo stone as levels

Yes. I’d be very much OK with that. I’m asking for one simple adjustment on 2 buildings. Incubator and Castle can be upgraded at 430 instead of 435. No other changes. I AM very reasonable even if few others thinks so. :slight_smile:

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let me gather some data and we can tag REIVE this .

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