Drop down gear selection

How about a drop down menu selection, when viewing gear, for offense or defense?


i’d also like the ability to remove gear off riders without busting all my rubies. Don’t see why u cant just take it on and off without using rubies. unless u can and im unaware?


Trust me. It will never happen. Unless you are suggesting instead of using rubies, we must buy $5 pack to remove legendary gears, $50 for elite, and $99 for mythics. And it is per piece basis!

maybe. but it should. It’s a waste of actual good rss. If theres a better dragon which is most likely in future and i have a rider thats befitting of them but has the wrong gear set i have to spend rubies. i mean the option to take it on and off freely should have been there from the start but :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

(god forbid it cost actual money…)

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