Drop - Make a wish

Make a wish

I’m up to 42 of them… :joy: (Still going to take me ages to get to 500… I’ll likely quit playing first :rofl:)


I have only 15, looks I have to step up in grinding… :thinking:

Good luck! (You may want a dragon that can auto-pilot your invader :joy:)

Yeah looking backwards I should have got Hildr…

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Wishing on a shard. Interesting concept… :thinking:

I wish to be able to help the community better than I already do. Not only my friends, teammates or acquaintances, my 5TA or alliance… ALL PLAYERS without distinction.

Oh and to keep grinding egg tokens until I get to Harbinger without leveling too much in the next two months or so :smirk:

U jelly?

Yes :sob: I started playing at the end of that season. No chance to get her!! :sob::sob::sob::sob:🤦:pleading_face:

I used to feel that way about equester. Now equester is poo. Don’t worry bout it. :slight_smile:


“Now”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat_smile::joy:

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C’mon you gotta admit that before sapphire tier, equester was pretty decent.

It was, I saw him walking over my base.

By the way @LizDrakemoor I had another blue thingy drop today :sunglasses:
Must be an October thing

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