Drop rate for elite gear?

Anyone know the drop rate for elite gear? I crafted a new set of fire with the help of some timers (Thanks Matt!) and ended up with 206 pieces of gear to get 8 elite. Just curious if that was average or better or worse. Lots to recycle :sweat_smile:

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I heard it was 5% for elite.

But its not random chance 1/20 - its a long sequence.

You can get elite on back to back crafts at one point in the sequence so its good to alternate gear items rather than 5 of the same peice.

But also there is a segment in the sequence with quite a long gap between elite pieces as well. I think ~40+ pieces without an elite.

With 206 you might expect 10. Perhaps you got smacked with that 40 gap messing up the average.


Yes, if you alternate between the different types gear you can usually get an elite faster. (From my observation) Don’t count me on that but alternating seems to work better for me.

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Thanks, I mostly did it one by one, but sometimes set up the full queue with different types, never did two in a row the same without finishing the first one first lol. I think I did hit a slow part, seems like I salvaged more shields than anything else

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Dont craft and get mythic gear in atlas, and dont take elite gear there either.

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And why is this? Curious.

Because otherwise u wont have enough shards to level mythic gear.

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Makes some since.

Nice name. :wink: