Drop rate of Energy Packs in Gold Chests


I have a big Problem with the drop rate in Gold chests. I barely get Energy packs in war events. in 50 Gold chests 8 Energy packs, that must be a joke PG.

My idea to fix this:
Disable Shards,timer and Black perls in War Events. I dont want to waste all my legendary drops to this useless Black Pearls.


The only things that this game revolves around are timers and egg tokens.

Taking those out of gold chests would be disastrous


What in the WD world!!! Never take out egg tokens and timers…this is a terrible idea. In contrast, I agree with the drop rate of energy being to crappy. I’ve opened 10 gold chests and got only 4 energy. Which is lucky because I’ve seen others like you not get any for over 40 chests. Which is very bad because it’s a pvp event (the only events where we can get energy for packs from chests. I’ve opened 100 bronze chests and got 1 drop of energy. I got an epic drop of elemental embers…this seems to be fortification good chests. What I think PG should do is drop energy packs and inner fires in a higher amount in all events but the drop rate will vary. The drop rate must be higher in pvp…other wise PG is just trying to earn money - forcing us to buy value packs for energy or use those season branches unrelated to the actual divine dragon.


Timers need to stay. Energy rate is an all time low but siege rate is SKY HIGH. I’ve opened now nearly 90 gold chests and about 170 bronze and I’ve received like 30 energy packs total. And 19 of them came in the last set of 10 I opened.


Рандом он и в Африке рандом))) ты из 60 получил 10 . А кто то из 10 получил 9))))


Moreso than even the drop rate, I take issue with what’s even deemed “legendary” for anything anymore :man_shrugging:t2: Whole thing needs a new look.


Well.its absolutely randome.
But I’m agree with you,that drop is terrible sometimes
I opened 20 gold and get 0 Siege,8 energy packs and 9 chests with elemental embers which I don’t want,especially in war event.
Earlier drop in gold chest was more “event based”.
My first 10 gold were literally Fort event drop.
0 items which I can use in event
Next 10 were little better.


@Maxmaxmaxmaxx sorry you are having trouble but I opened only 25 gold chest and got 46 energy packs. I got 23 in 2 sets of 10 and didn’t get any when opened 5 individual .


Yeah i got plenty energy packs in 20 goldchests aswell…the one are lucky and others arent :sweat:
I know for example how much i had to spend to get the sigils for algor with doing as much points in events as 1 of my teammates did. I spent 3x more money for goldchests as he did to get those missing sigils…


Yeah golds are a bit diluted this event with sieges. I’ve opened maybe 100 gold for like 30 packs.


I mean I guess next event will be great because I have like 10 legendary sieges still. I’m guessing most of us do.


@gox and @spax

I never said to take those things out. I said take those things out at war Events. So people can open chests to actually get things for the event which are usefull.
Its the same thing they did with fortification. There are no energy pack drops at this time. And that is good. Changing this would make the game more balanced and low-no spender are getting a chance to grind in those events like capture the flag and so on. Saving 30 gold chests and spening 8.000 gems is alot of stuff if you are not paying and the drop rate of energy packs is just too low. And noone who is actually thinking about the game in a strategy way can tell me thats not true.


Nope. Never ever take them out for any event.

Pvp vents are inconsequential in the long run - whether you score well or poorly pales in comparison to having enough speedups and eggs.

Sorry not ever supporting any idea that lowers those at any time. They are massively short in game to a degree that nothing else comes close to.


If you need speedups go open chests at the fort event. If you need tokens go open chests at the breeding event. And if you need energy packs go open chests at war event. I dont see the problem of losing something. Good players spending tokens on breeding event and speed ups on fort event. No reason to get those things at a event were supplies like energy packs are rare.


Nope. Wrong information. If you open chests at fort you’re not getting good amounts of speedups etc. per se there is a massive shortage of speedups and eggs through all events combined. So unless you can get that adressed first, you will get no support for removing speedups or eggs from goldchests from anyone that has progressed


Given your replies, I can’t help but wonder what level player you are and what tier of dragon you are breeding. The drops of 12 hour times are simply not high enough to deal with builds of more than a month long.

For example, when your storage hut goes from lvl 53 (which is a 13d 14h 24m build) to lvl 54, there is a MASSIVE increase in timers needed. It takes 42 days, 3 hours, and 47 minutes to upgrade your storage hut ONE level, and the upgrade times remain that high for all the additional levels for the storage huts.

When you reach the point of breeding sapphire dragons and higher and are facing the fact that it might take you 2 or 3 months to breed 1 dragon, why in the world would you wait for that dragon to hatch on its own? You’ve waited long enough. And they don’t have short hatch times either.

Simply put, once you hit the “Sapphire Wall” and all the various walls after it, there are simply not enough egg tokens nor timers to keep up with the requirements you begin to face.


Max - Insulting me personally will not strengthen your argument.

Let me try explain this simply:

To max this event you need 647k points

If you understand the event, and know how to pick bases you require the following:

200 energy x 3
= 10+20 energy packs x3
= 90 energy packs

Also you require the following sieges
Legendary x 3
Epic x 6
Rare x 16

So in total you can max the event with
6 legendary energy drops
2 legendary siege drops
And 3 epic siege drops.

The droprate for said items is
8-9% for energy (data set not robust enough might be 5 percent for legendary and 9%for epic)
And sieges are pretty much a guaranteed drop from a 10 chest pull as long as they arent in your inventory.

This means by using gold chests x 10 pulls you are likely to get everything you need to max the event in 120 odd gold chests, give or take. There will be outliers depending on how small your sample is, but I’m using data from fairly big samples so not that far off.

If you do the same for eggs during breed event, you need 2700 gold chests to max the event via breeding tokens and mythics.

If you try it during fort to max fort, its harder to calculate since so many variables. But assuming you want 2.4mil points, or 24 million lumber. You need to upgrade a top level tower 20x.

Thats a 1000 days or speedups, or via gold chests you are looking at roughly 12 $100 packs, aka 700 gold chests or more.

So once again, do not remove egg tokens and timers from gold chests during other events.

The only time this will become remotely plausible is it pg first buffs the hell out of timers and egg token amounts per drop, hence my previous statement.

So in summary - you will not get support for removing tokens and timers from gold.chests in favour of pvp consumables


I like how you use % to justify your point. But where does your numbers come from? Is it personal experience? I have opened 40 good and got 6 energy. Have another five wind who opened 30 and got non. A point the most can agree with is PG screwed with the energy drop rate. Now it could have been accidental or on purpose. But the drop rate is noticeable different the. Last pvp event that for sure


My records are about 7000 gold chests over the last year or so or my own data. Dont have big numbers for this specific iteration of the event, hence the disclaimer on the range on energy as in the above post. Have looked at the pulls my guild posted in line for this event and my own 90 or so.

Rate seems comparable to 5/9% for energy drops. It might be out 1-2 percent, but hardly changes the overall picture.


It does when compared to last pvp event . The drop on energy has changed and changed big time. I just polled my guild and they are seeing by the same.