Drop rate on Energy Chests and Inner Fires has....dropped!

What has happened to the drop rate of Energy Chests and Inner Fires during the Summerkai season? I have opened hundreds of chests and have gotten very few! There is no point in spending money for gold chests because the energy chests and inner fires aren’t there! I sent in a ticket and support said that no one was complaining about it. Well I am! Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this problem?


I opened mine at the start of the season.
Loot was as expected per Mech’s and Orca’s drop table


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These kind of “feeling” posts about drops really don’t have any value without data. There are a dozen every week and every week it’s just bad counting.

If you really think something has changed, flip on record and write down your drop counts and total chests for the next 100 or so at least.


Today’s data - 17 gold chests and 119 bronze chests yielded 5 energy chests.

Definitely not enough gold to get approximated number.
Try to open 110 Gold Chest consecutively.
You’ll be guaranteed at least 111 energy packs and 168 inner fire.


I think your sample size is too small…


I opened only 30 golds and got 46 energy crates and 78 IF. Not bad if you ask me :woman_shrugging:t3: I’ll open some bronze too, because for me it looks like a standard good drop.

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So today i opened 1 chest and got 3hr speedups. It isn’t even close to the average of inner fires that i wanted. What is wrong with this game?!?!?!?!?! :angry::angry::angry::angry:



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The sarcasm is strong with this one. A little rude to the original person though.


17 gold chests is enough chests to determine where you are on the drop sequence. Go look up the drop sequence table and see how many energy packs you were supposed to get in that section of the sequence. If its anything other than 5 let us know. My guess is it is 5. (Technically 4, since I am guessing the 1 came from a Bronze Chest, but you get the idea)


I would normally agree with you however, I am familiar with going over the same advice EVERY week with the same 2-3 players in my team. They make the same gripes and I calmly explain how to figure out if its worth opening X amount of chests. You just get to a point were you lay on sarcasm to keep yourself from becoming angry/agrivated. :man_shrugging:


I think the frustration comes from the number of times this is asked when chest drops MUST follow a set pattern, an algorithm a RNG whatever you want to call it. The moment it’s unpredictable or left to chance it’s considered gambling and would mean the game is breaking the law.

Any loot box system is highly regulated under gambling laws, so someone’s ‘feeling’ is very unlikely to be correct. Greed on the developers part here will mean a very set pattern to ensure they can continue to take your money on chests, not that they will change it up just to hope you buy more!

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I guess gold chest / sigil chests has its own rotation… If u summon right number chest u will drop usual inner and enegry … same as sigil chests…
U can complete 1 branch around ±130 ruby or so not too much or not too less

Sorry if am wrong since begining i believe it was like this :no_mouth:

That sarcasm seemed a little of both.

Isn’t it if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? A kid says “Are we there yet?” 1000 times on a road trip, do you respond in similar fashion?

All that’s needed as an answer is a link to the drop predictor and a mention that it’s on a set pattern. Since it’s asked so much just link the last time you said it.

Fill out a 10 set of chests here and know exactly what you’re going to get next.


Thanks for the link. I appreciate it! I must say, I was a bit surprised by the sarcastic answers to my post but I suppose I shouldn’t be. Thanks again!


We get this post a lot. The community worked out that drops are very set in stone and the community makes great efforts to let people know.

With many threads about this happening every week people get frustrated typing the same thing over and over when a search would have answered the question.

For what it’s worth don’t take it personally. This type of thing is another “rainbow evolution stone” type thread. And the times an issue has been proven, the community does support the player. But we get a lot of players that lie, go off gut feelings that are wildly wrong, and in some cases spin conspiracy theories about it.

Hopefully the drop chart will help you know if you get a genuine drop error.

To a separate person -

In virtually all countries laws that I am aware of, random loot boxes are not considered gambling by legal definitions.

You should be when it’s mods. You shouldn’t be at all when it’s regular players

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