Drops not dropping?

Anyone else not getting any drops at all during the PvE portion of event? I’m talking about timers, spells, bronze chests(other chests) etc.

I will get drops during the PvP aspect of the event. But none whatsoever during the gustav islands.
I’ll get drops during the regular game runs and atlas invader runs.

Sent a ticket in and told me to reinstall :roll_eyes: …didn’t fix the issue


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Level gap I guess. PvE bases are too weak


Same here. I get nothing, no timer, no chests nothing. It looks like i hit nothing

:thinking: this is weird. I must be very lucky as I got one gold chest from a monument on island #6, and I am lv 186 (flying emerald dragons)

We are now busting the last island, and all the Gustav islands have been more generous with drops than the invader base.

That was my guess at first, but others on my team around my level are getting drops.
Help desk just keeps telling me to reinstall lol

I haven’t received drops from PvE in a long while now, I assumed it was the level gap.

Kinda ish on topic - Is there any detailed information on the level gap? Like, is it below X levels or something?

I would give 2 high fives for this information.
Hot commodity these days, don’t underestimate a good high five


Fwiw, not even a 1 minute timer from any pve islands here.

Lvl gap where high lvls get screwed from chests :roll_eyes: ull catch something here n there

Afaik the only specific information Pg has given on chest drops is from years ago on the old forums when chests were originally introduced. I have it written down so I could share if there’s interest in this old-as-dirt info but idk how accurate it is now :woman_shrugging:t2:


It’s official. I went the entirety of the event without even a single item, not even a 1 min timer, dropping during any pve run.

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and what about other runs?

Meaning pvp? Yes they had the usual drops.

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I meant everything else, but as long as you get your drops, I’m happy.

Btw, I am lv 186, and except Gustav 9 & 10, the other 8 have been quite parsimonious with the goodies.

I understand due to their low levels that the drops have always been dreadful, but this is the first time I’ve had literally 0 drops of any kind throughout the entirety of the event. (I’m lvl 238)

I’ve been getting zero for a long time. Looooong time

Same here.
Every PvE island I hit no, drops of anything(timers, spells, chests)
The “help desk” said everything seems to be working fine on my account. :thinking:

I can’t recall the last time I got a drop on the Gustav islands…

Last guantlet event I did forsure. I’ll have to check in the next temple guardians event to see how the drops are, as that’s the only other PvE event I can think of …:thinking::thinking:

Maybe I just reached a level where you go from getting barely any drops to zero altogether (though support says that is not a thing).