Dross's spells: "Invoke:Gloom" does not apply "Black ash"

I have noticed that when is used Dross’s Invoker attack “Invoke:Gloom” It does not debuff towers with “Black ash” which is supposed to increase damage given to the tower by 50%. Nor does it apply the animation. Does the “invoke:Gloom” Not count as a breath attack, their for not applying the debuff or is this unintentional? This has screwed over several of my attacks, because the bonus damage does not apply.

@PGGalileo can you check this out?

What the purpose of ‘Invoke;gloom’ anyways? I am a bit behind on each spell for each dragons. : /

Invoke gloom debuffs towers (they can’t attack) until you do damage to them. This debuff happens on the last invoker ammo is used and debuffs tower in the area u shot.

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But it dosn’t apply black ash, which is the issue

Same problem with sho’groth, only the 3 normal shot apply entropy
This is the same situation with dross, only normal shot apply black ash

Pg views the “invoke shot” as a spell not breath attack that is why entropy and black ash don’t apply with the invoke shot


Thank you for the clarification


There is a new invoke gloom animation if anyone hasn’t noticed I think it’s pretty cool

I mean while it’s recharging

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