Dual War Contribution List

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:thinking: Does any attack from the one having completed war run triggers War Banner?

Pretend I was never here :man_facepalming:

What? Not even War Defense Banner?

I guess I misunderstood a little lol. Yes if they havent gotten 7 flames and are rehitting in war it will show as a red war banner. If someone has already gotten 7 they cant hit through the war menu and it show red like a normal war run. Sorry for the confusion :man_facepalming:. I’ll edit my original post so no one else gets confused.

Now I get even more confused…

In the old war setup there were times that teams would have someone that had already gotten 5 flames do a feint attack to draw defenders from the real war attack.

Sometimes it would show up green because they had already completed their war runs while other times it would appear red like a normal war run even if they had already gotten 5 flames. Sorry again for the confusion I should stay off the forums after I’ve been drinking lol.

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