Due to the fact that my WD fanart and fan dragons aren’t showing in the museum, I’ll put them here

Possible hunter or sorcerer-
this dragon, like habrok and its reskins, has a glowing underside.


Can you teach me how to draw please? I can’t draw if my life depended on it.


I would totally, but you don’t just learn how to do it. You need to practice. That’s the only thing that will actually help you.

@TheCurator820 put these drawings up in the museum!


there was a bug in which I couldn’t put up images, so I eventually managed to get it to work, but the entry didn’t get through to the actual contest.

Nvm, it went through.

that’s awesome

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Done… thank you sir

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thank you very much!

Try using guidelines, they help a lot.

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Callistorm, I am seeing you art in the museum, even commented on this week’s.

I love your art, you are so much more talented than me.

Posting here is good too. I post both places. Love your work!

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don’t put yourself down like that! Everyone has their own skills.