Dumb spell suggestions (some inspired by Pokémon, roast me as much as you want :) )

Double Team (red) - 0 rage; a decoy dragon with 1 HP spawns. Dragon does 1 damage per second. (3.5 second cool down)
llusion (blue) - 1 rage; next dragon will appear to defenders as a randomly chosen different dragon in the same tier, same spellset, same type and same class (only fireball color is retained with the original), until it takes damage (instantly reverts to its original form)

Isolation (red) - 1 rage, after applied to a tower, that tower is disabled for 2.5 seconds, loses all buffs, and cannot be buffed (no hammers, swords, or armor) during that duration. If tower is destroyed in that 2.5 second time frame, dragon gains 1 rage, and 8% of base health. Cannot block shield/earth flak/ice turret protection. 5.5 second cool down.

Mystic Aura (yellow) - 0 rage, toggle for protection against stun, damage and other debuffs. Gains 4% of health for each “change” (or use, of spell?). 1.5 second cool down.

Explosive Spray (yellow, passive) - 0 rage, flamethrower attack does extra 10% damage, and when a tower is destroyed, surrounding towers are hit with x% of tower’s base attack.

Heal Wish (blue) - 0 rage, dragon loses 30% of base HP, gains 1.5 seconds of increased rage generation. Next dragon to enter that area (approximately the size of a fireball) immediately gains 25% of previous dragon’s base HP.

Evasion 2.0 (yellow) - 0 rage, dragon’s speed increases by x with every 0.5 seconds. Max speed of evasion speed. As speed increases, chances of projectiles and flak shots missing increase by y percent. Can be toggled on and off. No cool down.

Elemental flame (yellow) - 0 rage, dragon’s flamethrower attack can change in elements (denoted by color of flame). Deals increased attack by x% against certain other towers, decreased attack against others. No cool down.

Y’all are probably going to destroy the comment thread for this, but these are only meant to be fun haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course if you like any feel free to modify/suggest to PG :wink:


I like it

You list 8 spells… only 2 require rage (and only 1 rage at that). The other spells are all 0 rage spells…

  1. Red seems to make more sense, edited.

  2. Yes, spell set and dragon type are correct as well.

  3. Hopefully balanced?

  4. 1-2 seconds?

  5. boom boom boom

  6. True, but you can’t (presently) give a shield to a follow dragon very tactically (idk, to prepare for a kill island, or something else that looks dangerous)

  7. Dart around dropping entraps, sands, and other goodies - could be viable.

  8. Yes, I’m aware, but just as steal essence is determined by the tower destroyed, the same could be done here - I’m not using the existing element system for each dragon, just unique to this spell. (adds a bit of strategy to warrior flying?? not sure what to do about that)

Yes, these aren’t all meant for one dragon or don’t particularly synergize with one another - some are meant for certain dragon types, such as elemental flame for warriors, evasion 2.0 for hunters, heal wish for leads, double team for hunters, etc.

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