Dump rubies on platinum or wait for sigil chests?

I have 24K rubies and I’m itching to get some plat chests, but I can’t decide whether to get those or wait until Sigil chests… any suggestions? ;-;

I don’t know exactly what sigil chests give players, but 12K rubies give 10 plat chests so you would still have 12K rubies left. I wouldn’t do it though, I would probably just do like 5 plat chests and see where you are, and then save the rest for sigil, if it’s worth it. I’m not a high level player though, and this is just my opinion.

I haven’t usually had a lot of luck with sigil chests, but I’ve only been active for a handul of seasons and I haven’t really accumulated this many rubies at once before.

What do sigil chests give anyway, and how do you know they’ll return?

If you’re close to finishing a branch. Super Sigil.
Otherwise, save up


Exactly what the name says. It’s just a bunch of different amounts of sigils - the higher amounts are rarer.

Oh. That sounds pretty good then

I’m not close to finishing any branches, I’m afraid. Although I do have a lot of sigils saved at the moment. As it is right now, I could continue with Asura, maybe up to green or gold stone.

How many sigils?

Oh. I guess you could do a few plat then save the rest for sigil, b/c you want to finish Asura right?

Also, when is sigil chest returning?

At my current level I doubt I’d be able to finish any branches… The highest stone I’ve gotten to iirc is either platinum or sapphire.

Usually the last two weeks of a season.

Oh yeah, I meant like finishing what you can.

Opening Gold for sigil is better than plat, unless you have millions of rubies.
And will be even better at the start of next season
Thus saving up is more reasonable

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Shame it doesn’t show you what divine stones you have. I don’t remember how far I got with Coatl except either past or near Platinum. I just evolved him to Gold yesterday.

Are you saying I should hold off on dumping my rubies until the start of next season? That might be a smart move with the 50% off stuff.


Probably. Gold still gives good prizes for less sigils, and the chance that you’ll get a legendary or mythic in plat is lower than getting legendary in gold.

  • don’t buy platinum chests. Unless you open a lot you are likely to be disappointed.
  • Save up for first pvp of next season and open gold chests then. This will let you get as far as possible during discount, and give you some valuable resources for PvP.
  • In the meantime get as far as you can with asura. It’s a decent dragon.