Dun Been Spied On?


Uh, so, minor random question … can my team leader see what purchases I make?
They occasionally warn me about being careful with my money (since, I imagine, some purchases are more worth it than others), but these messages happened uncannily on exactly the days after I purchased elite membership.
So uh, dunno if I’m being paranoid or just being new to the game, but can they actually see what I buy?


You’re being paranoid.


No. But I always tell my leader/officers whenever I spent (or have I? :thinking:)


No they can’t. And kudos to your leadership for caring enough to warn you against wasting your money. :+1:t3:

Players have gone into credit card debt due to their addiction to the game. Don’t be one of them :confused:


People do get those tiny up to 6 rubies rewards when people purchase packs, but those are anonymous. I’m not sure about elite, though.


If only a few people are online and a lot of 6 ruby gifts pop up, you know someone has purchased something $$, and it’s usually relatively easy to figure out which player if you don’t have a lot of big spenders on the team. So it depends on your team, how clued in your leadership is, and if they are the type to be concerned if you normally don’t spend, then drop $500 in one go. Some leaders may also advise folks on which packs are the best “deals” so as to not waste your money. But we can’t see who has purchased what, no.


Ah, okay!
Also, now I understand what those random ‘you’ve received a gift from a teammate! reciprocate’ things are.
But thank you for putting my mind to rest lol :slight_smile:


Well, if you’re suddenly flying around with a high level Ember, they might suspect… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes they can. But not because of the game. But because of all the cameras they have set up in your house.


Yes they receive a copy of the receipt transactions you make


@toxicpanda LOL :rofl: :rofl:


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