Dungeon fight too difficult

For me the bases in the dungeon event are too difficult. Someone agrees?


They are meant to be this time just a boring easy pve grind base like gauntlet. these are team dungeons some of them will require 5 dragons if you don’t have something in the tier that was the design intent

They’re supposed to be like that!! Something tells me you haven’t experienced assault.


Well its a challenge and that’s good alot will require help from teammates


So can u all win every bases? In my opinion it’s impossible. I tried and I like assault but dungeon is a no sens event.

It’s a team challenge. If trying to solo, it will be difficult.


Work with capable teammates.
Can post runs here as well if you need advice :blush:


I generally team up with 2 team mates, we alternate the lead flyer based on whoever has the strongest dragons for that tier - that way we help each other get through tiers we would struggle with alone


Dungeons is tough but not insurmountable. I think the bases are designed relative to the power of dragons without riders. So if you bond strong riders, you can cruise through. Some of my best riders give over 4x boost to attack power. I need to bond them to lower tier dragons to succeed.


I did all bases with help of others or just by following others as backup. If u backup u get the points anyway and it doesn’t cost you any keys and even if you can’t fly or u lack in good dragon u still can finish all


Every base can be defeated solo without riders and without divines. Some will be pretty damn hard to do like that for sure, but it’s possible.

However it’s much more fun to bring allies in, and usually at least someone on the team will have a good divine at the tier you’re stuck on, or have a good rider to use, making it much more doable.


Thank u all.

Too easy complaint.
Too difficult complaint.
Too abundance complaint.


Hey can you or the CF pls make videos of lineage dragons defeating the dungeon bases? It would give me and the other players so many tips!


I just follow my leader when she does her runs easy win easy points

It’s easier if you have the right divine in that particular tier, but overall, it’s not supposed to be easy. A good thing to do is to keep a divine in a certain tier, one you don’t see yourself flying much and enjoying it. This is good for Temple Raid, Dungeons, and Assault. It’ll make it a lot easier.

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Its difficult going solo. Best tag a teammate along who has expert dragons. Use a lot of spells.
For me it’s glitchy and I lost 5 fireball spells because of it. :triumph:

It’s really not that hard. One or two are tricky if you limit yourself to just using naked dragons. None are event remotely taxing if you put gear on.

Which tiers in particular are you struggling with?

Use riders,

kill mage first,

have divine dragon for a particular level ( mainly for the white spells).

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They’re really very doable, even with lineages - some of the folks on my team have worked wonders with dragons like Stormheim, for example.

That said, others have posted some great advice in this thread, including things like using riders, divines, and TEAMMATES. All of this can help. Plus, you can leave a tower as a rage anchor, or use dragons like cav that buff follow dragons.

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