Dungeons event glitch?

My game screen is freezing when I attack the dungeons and I’m not the one experienced this my teammate also experienced this.

Please check what’s the issue and fix it ASAP.
Note : I don’t have the screenshot of it

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You might want to try a ticket instead, I don’t think people here will be able to help you with that.


My team has been doing dungeons and it works for us :man_shrugging:
Like Morreion said you should send a ticket

Lodge a ticket straightaway

Missing icon to open chests since event started. I know it’ll be fixed before next event, just posting as fyi. Btw Android device.

The tickets don’t help at all


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Same here Squig

I have sent numerous tickets before for various problems, and Zendesk has been able to help me every time.

They at least try sometimes but I still kinda see it as useless most the time

@moderators Please close this ticket.

The amount of times I face issues in atlas is too much for zendesk to keep up with maybe, they do help sometimes maybe like one out of the 15 tickets I send lol, otherwise it’s just really horrible


Does the auto not work in the dungeons?

It doesnt since Dungeons uses a unique map layout

Closed on request of OP