Dungeons - Verdant & Arcanum Towers +200%

Care to explain this:


I don’t see any buffs on the levels below this.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes::flushed: mmm…I wish to see it(+200%) on my base :sweat_smile:

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I was wondering why Garnath with a rider and gear exploded on Verdant. The dungeon boss has been juicing their base. I CALL HAX!


No kidding! Plus the double howitzer stunt they’re pulling half way through the base. That got me more than I’m willing to admit!


@DragonPunch Is this buff intended?

My game is buggy as f since like 4-6 hours ago I assume it’s from dungeon don’t know how there can be so many glitches from an event that’s been around for so long

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Ok, so this is somewhat of topic, but so long as we are talking changes to it…

Last season I could swear I was able to spend energy packs to get dungeon keys. Now, it only sends to accept 1k rubies?

Didnt checked % but it explains why my dragons end as food :rofl:

Nope not true.



:roll_eyes: Research + rider + gears + Monument + Perch + Runes + Base boost
Geared mythic lineages should be able to beat them, if flown right.


I used to do it without rider or gear :see_no_evil:

crying… :joy:
wasted the energy trying these 2 tiers several times and still failed.
Should have done the red - eldritch first so I’ve got 16k point.

The big problem for me is that all the dragons I’d use on Verdant have roar type freezes which dont work properly in dungeons because of the different island ranges.
Then again I also dont really care since there are more tiers now than there are prize tiers to claim so we can just skip these


Yeah, with all of this I have +52% :joy::rofl::joy:, not +200%

Now I know why Seppi and Quasar failed miserably this time while they were usually both able to solo their tiers even without perfectly geared riders… :woozy_face:

52% only equals baseboost + monuments.
Unless you want 200% on your base, while having all other boosts removed :eyes:

After give Garnath a rider he did the job. No runes needed.


Helminn can do it without rider and gears.


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