Dungeons! Yayyy?

Did you forget about dungeons?? So did I! Time to get dizzy flying the odd (but rather enjoyable) map and collect prizes!

Except the collect prizes part… Out of curiosity how many people are quitting after the first 5 plats? And are we serious about those black pearls and xp pots too?

On a positive, the badges did carry over from last time, so lets hope they do again, I defiinitely plan on saving mine in case the next time they run Dungeons the prizes are a bit better.


Yep, five plats and done for me. My time is better spent elsewhere :sunglasses:

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1 plat is a bit better than the previous 2 golds, but lowering the limit even more kind of sucks.

I’ll probably pick up the timers too, because free timers, but yeah the rest is not even worth the click it takes really.


I don’t think this problem is unique to dungeons. Very few prizes in this game are worth the effort.


I’m debating the timers or if it’d be better to wait for egg tokens. Is the timer prize the same as it used to be?

Also, no auto battle kinda sucks for sorcerers, but I guess I’ll make do with the old swipety swiping.

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The prizes are really low… only platinchest is worth it …
Specially that 15 h 3 times is a joke for 120 coins…

Think about it… One platin chest at average have 557 embers and 76 hours clock in it… beside eggtokens and other stuff… Buyable for 40 coins…

I dont know who made the latest prizes at Dungeons and Trades…
But this person probably dont play this game or have no idea what they are doing !


Didn’t even notice the limit on timers, what are we supposed to get? :sob: :sob: :sob:

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A swift kick to the private regions by PG; thats what you get


Nobody knows, but i hope PG learn from such mistakes. Because its really not something to show in a event you run once a saison…


you honestly still believe they’ll learn?

And its already starting with the glitches across the game, I’ve been booted from atlas twice and three lock ups in the event… not worth the aggravation imo

but PG will tell you it is not due to Dungeons despite these issues becoming aggravated every time dungeons is active.

Yep, I already did everything pg would tell m to do…

Is anyone having problems with the dungeon event? I cannot seem to make it to a dungeon. My dragon just keeps traveling. And it sorta freezes like that.


Same issue… I travel and travel and travel and…

Prizes! Nayyy?

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Love the event! Don’t love the prizes this time :sweat_smile:

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