Durgotth - Reduce Burrow 2 rage to 1 rage plz

It is my humble request to change the spell set ( Durgotth - Reduce Burrow -2 rage to 1 rage )
To get this spell have to destroy 1 tower and nowadays each player use 2 cosmic and 2 ice flak in 4-5 island + 1/2 Red or arch red. It’s become very difficult to maintain rage in above said situation. Cosmic eats rage and dragon is killed easily. Also it has 40%+ atk. It’s one white spell give rage lately.

Im giving my points on, elite gear rider using. Exotic gear always not available and only min players use that.

I worked hard for months to get this mythical Durgotth and having this problem. So, I’m typing this.

Many players said , it’s weak dragon. Balance dragon etc
A little change can make this dragon better than before.

It’s not a comment against you but lately i only read topics of changing something in this forum. The pg was wrong and continues to make mistakes by changing and adapting dragons once made them available and this has created a relentless demand to change everything all the time.

The beauty of this game is the ability to express the maximum potential of a dragon as it is made available and each dragon should only pass with 2/3 defenders if it is used in the best way!

It used to be like that and it was all much more balanced and fun…



CO never reduced rage.

It only disabled rage regeneration for a short time and that secondart effect of CO was removed long ago.


If you have trouble with rage, then throw in another rage rune or glyph and bond it with Xandra, then practice flying.


Nope he doesn’t need a buff. Like you said he has a spell that gives back rage constantly. You just need a few rage runes and he’s definitely not weak or you could just anchor a bit better to build up more rage. Try to get/put Xandra on him and that’ll help greatly as well.

Yes, a lot of players call Durgotth weak, but I would contribute that to the difficulty flying him compared to other hunters, especially since it was right after Barbend’s season.

I have mythic Durgotth and fly him quite a bit, not with the best gear or runes though (I’m working on it). The main issues are not enough damage/ammo, rage is a bit difficult to manage, and cycling between kill shot and red dodge sometimes screw me over. However, all are solvable through runes and better gear and possibly more practice flying. No exotic gear is necessary, nice to have, but definitely not a must.

Getting rage drained or complaining about recovering rage too late isn’t an issue with the dragon, it just means to practice more on timing spells, managing rage, and decking out your dragon with better runes.


I read above comments
Rage management is being problem for me. I’m posting SS , if any change required, plz mention

If Durgoth needs anything it is higher damage output for his passive, 40% I believe is what it is at mythic and it’s not enough. I wouldn’t suggest anything ridiculous but 100% would be sufficient enough and that would remove the fact that he not only needs rage but ammo and damage output as well.

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This should be enough. My rage runes only give +18% and I don’t have vanguard rage research but I do have Xandra for an extra 24%. You have the exotic too so that should help you last longer in the cloak and cycle more.

I think maybe you just need to practice him more. If anything his only issue is damage but it’s still more than enough for 1-2 tiers up.

:thinking: Flying style, perhaps?

Given we had all season to adjust them I’m strongly against changing after the season is over.

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Everyone was focused on fixing Barb and since Durgoth is still usable against radiant tier towers, they can still adjust him and it would be fine since viable dragons are hard to come by
, I wouldn’t mind

Yes, I’m very much excited for …

39% atk will be better , hope so

I’m practice it to do better

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I’m always against changing dragons after the season ends. People make decisions during the season about what to get based on what it is at the time.

You might be fine with it but what about people who decided against making a drag mythic because they didn’t like the stats as it was? Or opting to or not to get exotics? Once the season is done I don’t think it’s reasonable to change the dragons. Now during the season I do think they should be changed for balance.

I agree that a dragon should be balanced before release, like everything else in this world things should be properly tested before being made open to the public BUT pg since the dawn of their time in this game has proven that they cannot properly test dragons before release even with the help of the CF members why I have no idea, possibly because they have so many means of power creep that they don’t realize that their “data” does not take in all of these means of power growth before creating the stats of a dragons spellset or the wrong employee people play the game and therefore are out of touch with what’s really needed on the game… idk.

So because I know PG is incapable of consistently producing balanced dragons and because I grind and have the means to max out a dragon including its exotics at the time, which I’m glad those are gone for the record", I max a dragon and then Contribute to any buffs or nerf forum posts that a dragon may need ., like Barb needing a serious nerf and he is still a crazy even after two nerfs but at least able to be dropped and now far less people are capable of flying it. Another example is Reyze, he was awful, from what I read and now I still see people flying him well after he was adjusted .

If you are capable of maxing a dragon and you decide not to, that’s your choice (general statement) you then run the risk of any buffs or nerfs associated with that dragon. If you can’t max out a dragon because you are lower level or new to the game, time and effort will help correct that, I started when obsidian was the max tier and I was behind for maybe two years, possibly less, and eventually I became end game, and now it’s hard to find viable dragons.
If forums weren’t so busy on nerfing Barb, which was needed Dont get me wrong, Durgoth would’ve had more threads about boosting his damage output or something else . He has a great spellset but his damage output is bad considering how quilleth was what 200%??, someone fact check me there, and the hunter this season even has100% breath boost . Durgoth would be much more viable but not OP if his breath passive was boosted to a more reasonable percentage


Durgotth has only 40% atk ( low ) in comparison to other hunters.

While , a lineage hunter is have 100% or 200% plus attack than why I invest my time to get a session mythical hunter??
I can play saving mode and get lineage.

It will be better if it get buff.
And atk is main power of hunters. :relaxed:

Dragons are more than just one spell. I don’t think durgotth is great by any means but it’s able to take defended bases

100% legendary
130% mythic

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He also has a white one shot, a dodge and ammo reload spell, and a white cloak that allows him to keep shooting. Sure he’s not quill or barb but no one wants another quill or barb. As long as he can hit ~2 tiers up defended :man_shrugging:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

So a legendary Artisan Durgotth could kill a maxed base with defenders? There’s no way that‘s possible. You‘d need like 20 ammo per tower :eyes:

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