Duskfall Atlas season prizes


Just curious when we might see the season prizes? Or the avatars from last season? Thanks.

@PGDave @pgEcho


Maybe even finally learning the standings would be nice


Let me ask the team for some more info for everyone on this one.


Thank you. I anxiously await any news. :slightly_smiling_face:


Highly appreciated


Sounds like prizes will be distributed in the next couple of weeks. Don’t have an exact date just yet.

@Lx460, are you asking about the portrait for the Duskfall Season?


Not that I’m planning to leave my team, but what happens if someone changes teams between now and when those prizes are distributed?


Yes, the Duskfall custom portrait. It’s pretty darn awesome and I can’t wait to use it. That’s saying a lot since I’ve never used any other portrait than my current one.


Can we regular mortals see that portrait as well? :joy:


Kind of curious to see the next atlas portrait :thinking: that would be awesome if we have a sneak peak


Where can we see that portrait? :grin:


You have to be on a top 3 team in the season to get it. Otherwise it isn’t relevant


I probably shouldn’t but

I blurred out some details.


Too much info :scream:


@Lx460, custom portraits will be distributed in the next couple of weeks as well. We just got the finals in yesterday.

Other portraits for season placement this season will be distributed along with other prizes in the next few weeks. Once I have a firm date, I will let everyone know.

Prizes are distributed to those who were on the team at the time of the season ending.


Any update on final standings after last season?


Seems odd that issuing avatars and clocks would take weeks to finalize

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  3. JAPANeeeeZE




I have a prediction for next season…