Duskfall Atlas season prizes


Can I get confirmation from @PGSqurl @PGJared the atlas rankings are correct.
Can we also get an accurate glory count for the top 3 teams, as that was what was promised would be the tie breaker by multiple pg employees.


It will be the same. Scoring is based on castle ownership and the level 5s get the most points. Since level 5s are nearly impossible to take, the top spots will probably remain the same forever until PG decides to make Atlas Seasons competitive and go by glory acquired or some other value that isn’t essentially grandfathered in.


Unfortunately the player base can’t see the tiebreaker down to it’s accurate percentage, due to lack of transparency and poor design.
The response you seek is simple: LethalDecent was actually #1 and Dread #2. However that would be utterly unacceptable, causing an unpleasant mass hysteria. Therefore it was rigged to cheat LethalDecent from thier well deserving #1 position, due to fears of dethroning Dread from thier coveted placement. Am I wrong? Maybe! We’ll never know, because PG will never provide the accurate numbers we’re all so anxious to see.


So the thought is that PG just decided Dread must win or else? News flash, I don’t think they like us quite that much.




Aye aye, captain carrot. We’ll all just take your word for it.


I’m :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:




Here is the final glory amounts between the Top 2 teams at the end of the season.
DREADNOUGHT 147,004,399
LethalDescent 135,603,856




So. where are these mythical portraits we have never seen?


You’ll still be receiving those! Likely next week.


Any previews? :slightly_smiling_face:


What about the ones from the summer atlas season for the top 3 teams. @PGSqurl


Come to think of it, you guys haven’t received it yet? I was wondering what it’d be…


Wasn’t that the Swann portraits? I honestly don’t remember.


That’s the custom portrait. The one we’re Waiting for lol



Does that mean we’re all geting :panda_face: portraits?


When can we expect the conversion of duskfall chests to the regular atlas chests for those that finished all atlas branches?