Duskfall Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread

Hey All!

Please discuss the Duskfall Festive Dragon Announcement here!


Get Somnus if your roster is already equipped with solid dragons usable for war attacks, and you have sigils to spend.

Don’t get Somnus if you’re hoping he’s the Next Big Thing.


As it is particularly relevant to Somnus, can someone explain the various damage lingo? What are the exact variables to calculate Base HP, Max HP all all other variants to calculate damage output?

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so if there is only 1 available tower, each projectile “randomly” choose that one, which mean 5x20% on 1 tower?

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Is there going to be a new portrait?

my opinion a kinnarus of new ages not very impressed

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I think it works that way, yes.

If you manage to take out all the other towers before he becomes Stuff On The Floor. But for those who leave one tower at the beginning of the base to help with defense loading times, that one tower should feel the wrath of the entire soul barrage.


What makes this similar to Kinnarus?

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Yes that’s correct.

Just to confirm this is a dark sorcerer?

it is the way of saying , he is nice dragon but not the very best , like kinnarus was , good for some things like invader or xp bases and sucked against defenders

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Most likely. It’s whichever towers are in range that it will randomly choose from, so my guess is that all the shots would focus down one tower if it was theoretically the only one in range!

Gotcha. I was trying to see how the spellset was similar and was entering the Fog of Confusion.

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Would be cool if you could select a tower or two for all the shots to be focused on. Might make Soul Barrage more useful. Nah.

Join me. I have been lost in this mist for years. :t_rex:


One question: will he be too OP if pg gives him elemental resist? Dark flak resist is meh

Too late.

And also, if all dragons have elemental resist, doesn’t it make that a bit less interesting?

Then again, if all dragons have elemental resists, we can start going back to using cannons, ballistas, and archer towers, since no dragons will resist those.

I’m down!


Might as well give him the white death gaze then, no?

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Ah, maybe not :rofl::see_no_evil: :t_rex:

That would make him significantly better.

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Man, I don’t like how they put this right in the blog post:

As the Festive Dragon of the Season, Somnus’ kit is built for major power against undefended bases. The Dragon would do well to have allies against defended enemy bases, so be sure another lurking terror joins them on their night ride.

They straight up said he’s an invader base dragon. :man_facepalming: