Duskfall Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


Oh my god I didn’t catch that. That is hilarious :rofl: :t_rex:


This sucks cause I really want him to be good. I like the way he looks a lot better than Prospero. Guess I’ll wait another week or two before I decide. A lot of folks didn’t think Axi would be great at first, either.


Its a sorcy…


Would you prefer that they didn’t say anything, then have all of the residual outrage on the forums about how he’s “only an invader base dragon”?


No, I just think it’s funny how they were so up front about it. I mean… they’re probably right. :t_rex:


I’m getting Prospero today. Not waiting any longer, I’m not super impressed with Somnus at all :man_shrugging: Pros has more potential for me. I need a new hunter. :t_rex:


Good choice hellraptor


get portia


… No. :t_rex:

  • Death Knell - Active | Red | 2 Rage
    • Upon activation, this spell will fully restore the Dragon’s health and rage immediately. Dragon simultaneously deals 15% of Base HP as area damage to nearby towers and gains brief invincibility for 2 seconds. Spell has a 15 second cooldown.

This would seem to be an interesting spell, I would love to see how this does if timed right on kill island… if you can fre it off and that 15 second cool down!!!


Hahahaha. thatsCrazey!


I would prefer they just make it a decent dragon.


dat me


So Ectoplasmic Breath is 0 rage AND 0 cooldown? Finally something I can spam that does damage. I’m getting bored of spamming Adaptive Resist on Axi and Coatl.


Fair enough.

Let me ask the following, and I am asking this because the general consensus upon the reveal of Prospero was that he was too good.

What would make it a decent dragon? What needs to happen in order for any dragon to be viewed as “decent”?


I’d like it to have a chance of winning against a defended base. :rofl:

I wasn’t one of the ones that said Prospero was OP. I’d totally get Prospero if I could fly hunters. :eyes:


Ahhhhh. There it is.

Would you say that this is a general expectation - that for a dragon to be deemed “decent” (or even good), it needs to be able to solo a defended base? And are we talking 100%, or 70%?


I think it should be able to solo 100% of some bases, obviously not 100% of all bases though, some are way better than others.


Ok. So let’s assume that our defended base is not the all-powerful Micro base, and that the perch has a rider but the gear is either what comes with a seasonal rider or non-optimized Atlas stuff (common/rare, and nothing leveled). With one defender, a “decent” dragon (and assuming the pilot is average in skill) should, in your mind, be able to defeat said base?


I’d say decent is that it is viable against defenders. Viable in that it can either set up or do a decent amount of damage to a defended and decently built base.

A strong dragon can (hopefully with skill) solo defended bases that are decently built.

That’s my view for what it’s worth.

(There are exceptions like hau who are their own category)