Duskfall Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


I kinda doubt this one can even kill one tower on a defended base. That’s definitely a weak spot.

He’ll be fine for farming undefended bases, especially long ones. But I think all the divines of the past year could do that pretty easily (not 100% sure about gladicus).

I think dragons like Cav and Sylphen (minus bugs) are decent. Neither of them is “I win” class, but Cav has massive survivability and a middle finger for rage drains, and Sylphen has nice tactical potential at a lead and makes a decent cleaner.

For me the problem is I can’t really think of anything this glass cannon without a targeting system would be good at. It’s not horrible, it just lacks a purpose.




Not to be that guy, but… Unless you have a bunch of other hunters and you’re struggling with them, you should get Prospero and learn to fly a hunter. You’ll be way happier in the long run.

Got that advice myself and picked up Necryx. Sucked out loud with him for quite awhile, and I don’t think I’ll ever be what the forums would call good with hunters, but Axi and Fomhar are monsters even in my somewhat lackluster hands.


Some darn good advice in there :ok_hand:t3::+1:t3::clap:t2:


Not that this was directed at me, but I did feel it an interesting question…

Personally I feel that when pitting an equal base with an equal dragon a decent dragon can beat a base that is defended by a single defender as this gives a defense point in war but not a redo. A base defended with two defenders should require a backer. A base defended with three defenders should require extreme skill to beat or be unbeatable.

I think that all full price divine dragons should meet this criteria so that a player can have security that they are choosing a dragon that has value regardless of what they choose. If all lines are going to be the same cost at full price than all dragons should have equal value in how they play. Since most players don’t visit the forums It shouldn’t be a crap shoot…

There are enough lineage and discount dragons for killing with one defender.


It’s a sorcerer 🤷 Since people started to condense their bases and flaks were introduced this class became pretty much obsolete. Last season mythic was somewhat decent but I wouldn’t trade him for a legendary hunter


I was hoping it would be seen as being directed at everyone, but @jb4WAR was the one in direct conversation. I’m glad you picked up the ball.

And this is exactly what I was actually trying to get at.

As it stands, all seasonal (legendary) dragons are “priced” equally, yet not all of these dragons are useful or, in some cases, at all desirable (I’m still looking at you, Gladicus). Whatever the threshold of “decent” is, all legendary dragons should be designed to meet that threshold. Designing dragons with the specific intention of being less than decent but still charging the same amount for them borders on unethical.

The problem is, when you’re releasing 6 legendary and 3 mythic dragons per lineage tier (every 6 months), as well as 3 or 4 seasonal legendary and 2 seasonal mythics every season (every 3 months), it can become difficult to come up with new and interesting things that make every dragon decent. Especially when 2/3 of all dragons are going to be automatically crippled by being “not hunters”, and especially especially without relying on multiple white spells.

And this doesn’t even begin to touch whether or not the expectations expressed here (i.e., that a decent dragon should beat a base with one defender) are aligned with the expectations of the design team.


And this is part of where PG falls down in my opinion… there are no published standards for dragon designs or base/tower, no published policies regarding game development (that I’ve ever come across). Actually come to think of it I’ve never actually looked for a mission statement… is there one. I’d assume with investors there’d have to be something other than “we will make you money”.

Maybe my expectations on what is accessible to the public and what is accessible by users is unrealistic.


so is there a difference between Base HP and Max HP? Max HP sounds like it should be the maximum amount of HP that dragon can have including research and rider boosts while Base HP is what it comes off the assembly line with, no add-ons

Normally they say Base HP when it comes to spell damage


What you outlined is correct. Base HP is the HP the dragon has without any modifiers; max HP is what they have with modifiers. Base HP is commonly used in the formula for spell effects (i.e., damage and healing).


Ok thanks, I cant remember if we’ve ever seen Max HP in a spell before and wasnt sure if it was that way or just more poor wording like them saying fireball attack on a sorcerer


No, max hp=Base hp

Modified HP is the one that includes gear.




:bowing_man: [Edit]: that’s me, bowing to your wisdom

Edit: It’s not like that’s not incredibly confusing or anything.

But I see that you’re right - they (PG) interchange max hp and base hp in several places.


@PGCrisis or @Arelyna

Could we get an official answer about Max HP vs Base HP please and if they’re the same. We have 2 GPF members saying 2 totally different things so It would be super helpful for an official answer with the PG confirmation stamp


@Lutrus is right, I’m wrong.

Happened before, will happen again. Over and over and over, I’m sure.


Why is there so much hate for Gladicus? He’s one of my best dragons next to Gargula and Anapa.


I’m smelling something.

Trolls. Definitely trolls.


Let’s not forget ursa and girasol


They’ll replace my Sapphires when I get there. Think I’m supposed to breed some weak mythic hunter next event. No damage spell and the red one only destroys an island if you cast it twice. Not worth it if I’m being honest.


Ursa is my next… Is she that bad? :sob: