Duskfall Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


I hope you have a lot of battle cry runes in stock. Use them all so Ursa can run invader for a few weeks


I wasn’t as frustrated with Ursa as I was with Gloomclaw.

Man, did I want Gloomclaw to be useful, for at least the invader base. Alas, it was not meant to be.


I have one legendary BC rune


Yay, you have a use for it!


Gloomclaw is actually EPIC for the temple raid event. Able to solo the bases in garnet with zero problems. The switch to white spells really really helps him out


Ah! I didn’t have him last time, but all my seasonals were in Garnet at the time so I had no struggles there. I should level him and Icicle up for the next one. (A&A is expert).


Icicle is great for that event actually :+1:t3:



What an absolute SPECIMEN


Perhaps on par with Avalanche even :man_shrugging:


Thanks for the advice. Currently I regularly use Axi, AirBean, Rizar and Sekhem. I like them ok, just not nearly as good as I could be. Prospero seems like an awesome dragon. I’m having a tough time deciding between him and Somnus.


Can we have one pinned thread of definition glossary, eg.
Base HP = dragon hp WITHOUT research and rider buff
Max HP = dragon hp WITH research and rider buff (?)
Base Attack = dragon attack WITHOUT research and rider buf
Damage boost = additional damage % from Base Attack NOT INCLUSIVE base attack itself (?) etc etc

that people can refer to without looking through all the previous thread. I would appreciate if PG can use constant term/terminology for any future announcement without creating confusion among players.


You could always wait for people to get Somnus (and watch them scream furiously when they find out he’s shit…or not shit?) before you make the decision :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, imo, Prospero’s a solid dragon to have in your roster. Performs better than Aibrean as a cleanup, does very well for himself as a solo/ tag team with ember/enki.

(I could fly mine on you, if you want :eyes:)


All I’m seeing is wasted dust… :rofl:


Get lorenzo… dragons come and go but riders are forever (at least) :sauropod:


Why would anyone who isn’t using their full base need 3 defense riders? Also, Lorenzo is e x p e n s i v e.


I have Tanok, so no :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


I’m in the same boat prospero alot better? Than somnus. Have to choose one of them who?


Wait for people to actually start flying somnus, maybe? But idk, they essentially said he was an invader dragon in the announcement, so I’m not sure if there’s even a choice there.


I’m kinda a rookie with hunters, so if prospero is better for sure wanna get more practice with a hunter