Duskfall Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


How big are you? I could bring my prospero to your base :>

But yeah, practice with hunters is a good thing at any size.


Level 159 . 15.5 m def. . Feel free to hit me. Lol


I’d say pros is an excellent dragon to learn hunters on. A lot of core hunter principles are incorporated in him performing well, so if you learn him, you learn those principles :+1:t3:


Cool thanks ! My teammates love hunters. They wanna get me more into them. Lol . Think prospero is the time. Haha


Orange Prospero killed my lv64 invader base…


Maybe I’m missing something here, but is somnus = to a basically lesser coatl???

Spell to increase base shot(Mystic barrage)
Invincibility shield with heal(Northern Lights)
A spell that randomly hits 5 towers(Thunderbolt)
Dark flak resist(adaptive resist)


I’m sorry I like hunters and I didn’t get him he’s horrible this whole season was a let down so y not go for the cool looking dragon that’s the mind set I’m in right now


… Prospero is horrible? What leads you to that conclusion? :t_rex:


I completely disagree. Prospero is decent. Slyphen is decent.

Honestly the two weaker ones are somnus and Caverleris.


if we use ectoplasmic breath 2 or 3 times did it multiply the power too ? if it is so this one should be great


No, it has a duration and you must recast it after that. :t_rex:


so it didnt stack? after duration over it will reset again, so it will be bad dragon to choose


He isn’t terrible. But does not seem ideal at all against defended bases.
Edit: Threw an extra “not” in there. :t_rex:


Just look it as stronger Heated Breath + 0 rage


ive read it carefully about ectoplasmic breath, it last for 4 sec with no cooldown. the only problem is when he dosnt have rage to spent when defended


You must be thinking of last season, which was one terrible dragon after another until the festive saved the day. This season looks to be the other way around, with only very good dragons except for the festive.


I agree with this . Who wants to spend that many sigils on turd dragons… must u choose between looks of the dragon or usability of the dragon… divines should be made equal minus the mythics ofc…
sorcerers need to be more viable and warriors need to have instant death spells for farms or a power boost for hammer spams… otherwise hunters are always gonna be the better choice until the dragons are more evened out…
Think about it like this…
There are 3 packs of batteries for sale, all the same price, 1pack last 1 hour, 1 pack last 30 mins, 1 pack is like the Energizer bunny… these would be the hunters… which one you gonna get lol!!


I feel like his red spell should have been his zero rage spell. Don’t get me wrong in combination with his soul barrage thing it could have been excessive but having something that restores full rage and health cost rage seems counter productive. You would ideally want to use it after you get rage drained but you can’t. It gives him no counter it


Keep in mind that Desth Knell grants two seconds of invincibility, so you can avoid the mage shots of a rage drain island. However, the cooldown is too long to use it on the next island (probably the kill). :neutral_face: :t_rex:


Therein lies his weakness. Use death knell on rage drain and you won’t have it for the kill island where you would want to use it to potentially outlive the storm as. Don’t use it on rage drain and you won’t have any rage anyway