Duskfall Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


That’s the exact reason I felt this should be it’s zero rage spell. Doesn’t do damage due to it’s red nature 9 times out of 10 and has the longest cooldown in the game (as far as I know). With zero rage version you can tank a rage drain and be able to fight the kill island. It also gives him some ability to try and brute force kill islands (with no rage drain) with soul spam and introduces a “how much rage can I blow before I need to use this”.

Chances are you wouldn’t be able to blow 5 bars worth of a 1 rage spell before needing to use death knell anyway so there would be some wastage there too.

It just seems so niche as it is now. Not terrible but nothing that seems to stand out as exceptionally useful in practice


Granted it being 0 rage would help but honestly that still won’t make him competitive, just a little less bad. The core issue is the lack of controllable burst damage. If literally one storm as or ice flak as and he’s out for the count. Make ectoplasmic breath a disable spell or something like that and we might have something good on our hands


Sorcerers need an alpha strike(equestor) or a shield to be useful…they can’t target and they can’t tank…


Alpha strike? :thinking:


Please expand on this alpha strike what do you mean by it?


Not sure if hes referring to the lightning strike or the steal essence…?? Little confused lol.


Maybe he’s referring to Southern Cross like on Jul?


But but my equestor doenst have that! Lol


Extract Essence on certain towers.


Right that’s what I was saying earlier… maybe that’s what he meant…


Axi > Prospero > Aibrean > Sekhem > Rizar > > > > > Invader Sorcerer.



Ice flak :wink:


I agree - but he had said he wasn’t that great with hunters, and Axi is the easiest hunter to fly effectively IMO.


And I still suck with Axi. :rofl:


I think he’s talking about Thunderbolt - it’s a white spell that does decent damage, neutralizing the need to worry about spells being blocked by blue or red mage towers. The Extract Essence on Equestor is fun, but hardly reliable because it’s difficult (impossible) to target a specific tower for destruction in order to get a useful spell.

However, the biggest issue with sorcerers (as has been stated previously) lies in their base attack. To compensate for this, they (allegedly) have access to bigger damaging spells (i.e., southern cross, fireball, thunderbolt, etc). But these spells cost a significant amount of rage, such that even rage runes do not adequately compensate.

One thing that helps with this is the persistent familiar (like Kinnarus, Equestor, Apophet, and Altimorak have). These little guys increase rage regeneration considerably, making it possible for the dragons to fire off their rage-expensive spells often enough to be meaningful.

The only other way to make sorcerers not simply terrible is to give them large-area white spells (i.e., Corthanak), which allow them to destroy the majority of the island’s towers with a single cast, and maybe mop up with a single swipe of the normal attack. Now, I don’t have Corthanak (have a good friend who does), but from what I’ve heard he’s decent but not great.

Next season we should see a mythic sorcerer, so it will be interesting to see what PG comes up with for that. I’m going to hold out hope that it has a familiar.


I semi agree but feel like I need to add to this. We judge a dragons affectiveness on how well it does against defended bases. The issue with sorcerer’s is that their normal attack and their spells are usually slow. They have slow combos, slow missile speed and therefore destroy towers slowly if they can’t one hit. These are the reasons sorcerer’s are less able to hit above their respective tier’s towel levels.
Even corthanak (not including the dreaded corth bug) had a really hard time against hammers and shields. Storm ss would block his first cast and if his second cast couldn’t one hit all 5 towers, the hammers that followed countered any swipe attacks he would send out.
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Yes, that’s what I mean by alpha strike…either kill the towers before it can hit you or find a way to survive it. Familiar can also draw aggro to help survival…


That’s funny that you would describe tbolt as a alpha strike, since it can’t reliably kill things vs equal tier towers.


Familiar doesn’t draw aggro on equestor


Thats like saying you have neptus you wont get Pathox