Duskfall Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


I know Lorenzo is better, but he’s far too expensive and I’d rather get a dragon. Tanok suits me just fine for now, especially because I only have one perch. :t_rex:


Well Tanok cost 2k sigils and Lorenzo costs 25k. I’d say it’s more like saying you have Jotun so you won’t get Aristrat. Something like that.


So has anyone gotten Somnus & tasted him out yet?


Er, I hope not. All that nightmare plasma doesn’t seem very edible. :t_rex:


Wow that’s a horrible typo :joy:


I’ve got him up to gold. I actually really enjoy him! He’s very fun to fly. He was able to solo my lvl 130 invader base at green tier.


Equal tower levels ? :eyes: haven’t seen a single garnet tier equest break through my defence, let alone one shot towers. And my towers are only lvl 33 (not even max plat levels) :thinking:


my bestfriend who I live with has been flying him all day today. she loves him, he was taking out her level 75 invader base at red tier (I think, basically as soon as he got his second spell he was soloing her invader base).
I really want him, but I gotta finish pathox page first.


It won’t take a long time for PG to introduce a veteran defensive rider :rofl::rofl::rofl: I used to be a victim of hyped rider like Tor and Terris. Now they give us Portia. This same shit will happen to Lorenzo too. So better get a dragon after you all finish with Pathox, either Prospero or Somnus :tipping_hand_man:t2:


even Lorenzo is better than Tanok already. Although the price difference is stark so I suppose that’s why.


Thats really bad advice


Lol why? I mean there will always be another defensive rider and they must make a good one than previous. But dragons, they can make a hunter or sorcerer with a bad spell set than previous one. See necryx vs cauthli and Terris vs Portia


Unless if someone has 3 perches, i totally get it why my advice is bad and yours is good :tipping_hand_man:t2:


Because dragons get replaced every season.

The best riders (and lorenzo is the best defensive rider) would take multiple seasons to replace

Your examples are bad - tor was never a good rider and terris is still an excellent rider and really useful for whomever got him.

There hasnt been a single seasonal dragon that hasnt become defunct within 2 seasons as in has been completely replaced and ended in the den only, a good attack rider will last much longer.

The only exception would be if you are such low lvl that you cant reach its end tier stone


:musical_note: Bow-chika-bow-wow :notes:


Wish my Equestor was still in Garnet so I could test that. I was clearing 45’s with 1 defender on my EQ in Garnet. Very strong bases that were well defended by the owner were more difficult, and I probably had about a 40% success rate in that condition.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying EQ is all-powerful. But the white chain lightning coupled with the regen rate that comes with the familiar made it a very solid dragon for comparable-level bases for a long time.

Now I just use it for invader base runs and egg missions.


Times have changed. I have 44/45 towers and garnet equestors can barely fire one thunderbolt before flopping over. With a defender, emerald equestor might just manage to cast two spells, killing about half a storm tower before he dies, rageless and sad.

I think it’s partly riders, which boost tower health a lot but do nothing for thunderbolt damage. And partly, it might be rose-tinted memories of the past.

It was (and probably still is) fine against longer weaker bases, in that respect it’s a lot like a warrior.


What type of gear does Lorenzo have? Is it epic? Is it able to be leveled?


Epic and not levelable. :t_rex:


Anyone disappointed with somnus’s wing animation?

Was hoping it would look like pathox’s but it looks like a 5yr old had fun with Halloween themed markers.