Duskfall Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


Lorenzo’s gear can be leveled up actually, like Portia’s. Not that anyone should waste the shards doing that.


Really? Shit, that’s new. Nevermind. Definitely not worth it to do so. :t_rex:


The seasonal gear is upgradable, but those, who have the shards, won’t, while those, who have no shards, won’t be able to. EIther way, that gear won’t get any better than it is now.


Yeah I noticed how terrible it looked too. Seems like they were two lazy to make the animation actually good so now it looks like two flapping blocks instead of wings.


I actually really like Somnus’s wing animation. Very ethereal, dream-like. A wonderfully-modeled dragon. :t_rex:


This is why hunters are OP


What the money flak can be defeated? ! ? ! That can’t be possible!!!


I got him, and actually like him. I have him to Sapphire, he takes out my Invader base very easily. I have run him on a couple bases with defenders and he does alright as long as the spells are timed right. He is fun for me so I guess it all depends on what someone is looking for.

I would have liked to have seen him be a bit more viable against defenders, but I don’t think many of my sorc dragons have ever been very viable against defenders, although I find them fun as well as challenging.


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