Duskfall season clock trolling us?


@Arelyna @PGCrisis
The duskfall season is supposed to be ending tonight at 11:59pst (9hrs 37min from now), and the winter season starts tomorrow once the treasure hunt portion on the pvp starts, right? So why does the season clock still say there is 1 day 9 hours left in the season?

Glitch or is the event postponed tomorrow?


Let me go check with the rest of the team. That is a bit odd.

The event will start as planned. See my message here: Version 4.92 and Potential Season Delay


@Blackfire5x5, this should be fixed already. :slight_smile:


Yep, just checked and it’s fixed now. Thanks for clearing that up for us :axi::chunk:


Love to use of the Axi and Chunk emojis :heart: Gonna close this thread. :slight_smile: