Duskfall Season Map Announcement


Dragon Lords,

As part of our next major update, we will be releasing a Duskfall seasonal map. This map will be featured for all players level 30 and above and will display a theme closely related to the masquerade theme of Duskfall. In order to make the map transition as smooth as possible for all players, we have integrated a new feature allowing players to switch between the normal (main) map and the new map as they please.

Please let us know what you think!

Version 4.82 and Minor Update 672/673 Release Notes
Version 4.80 Release Notes

looks neat to me :slight_smile:




How interesting! Looking forward to seeing this… though it does look a little bit busy. Reminds me of the Atlas map. :t_rex:


Yes! I love this idea. It helps add some flavor to the same bases we’ve been running over and over and helps with immersion. Cool idea :slight_smile:


Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this!!! Thank you!


It’s awesome that this is toggleable, because it seems a bit more like it’s meant for large screens (MMO-style) than mobile. It’ll be interesting to test out in-game and see how it flies.


This is for Atlas or the main game?


Looks like for the main game. :t_rex:


Looks great, thx for coming up with something new… the others do get a lil boring… especially if u are a grinder :grimacing:


I hope they haven’t messed with tower placement…


That’s what I was thinking…hope hitboxes aren’t affected. :t_rex:


Looks like it’s set out similar, just with buildings and so forth added…


We did not move tower placement at all or touch hitboxes. We did have to slightly move the boats to make them more destroyable but besides that monuments and towers stayed in their intended spots.

If anyone is curious we also did not change the dragon flight path so essentially it should play out exactly the same.


Why level 30 and up? It was confusing when I was a new player to hear about the spring map and not have it, and then mysterious when I suddenly got it.


Good to know, thank you. :t_rex:


That happened to me too. I had no idea there was a level requirement until today. My wife had the awesome springveil map and I had the regular one. I even opened a ticket worth support and apparently they didn’t know about the level requirement either because they had me reinstall the game a few times.


@PGMichael since we can toggle this map on and off, have you guys considered allowing us to select from any of the maps y’all have made? I’m just assuming they are still in game, but I’d love to have the Springveil map back. I mostly play at night and it was so easy on the eyes.


Hey @jb4WAR,

I’m sure the team appreciates your love for the SpringVeil Map. We currently don’t have any plans on bringing that map back any point in the near future. Due to the size of each map and the constraints that it has on game startup times it is a big project which requires a lot of time and thought. But we definitely are discussing the possibility!


Thanks for the response. You guys do great work on the maps.