Duskfall Season Map Announcement


That actually looks pretty cool - as in it may be nice enough to replace the current map…forever.

Toggable, that is awesome as well.

:star:️ One gold star for PG today!


This. This kind of thing is the type of microtransaction I would be happy to see in War Dragons. $5ish for the option to permanently choose a base skin and even better if we could customize cosmetics different aspects across the base. You could even make it time-limited to each season so it becomes a sort of trophy for older players. Please make this happen! :slight_smile:


When will this be out?


Why do you say it SHOULD play exactly the same? Has it not been tested?@PGMichael




I think the most important question about this is how will the whale change? It is wearing a masquerade mask?
Is it wearing a jacket with puffy sleeves around its flippers? Is it wearing a powdered wig?


Yes, I know it is coming out in the next major update. What I’m asking, is when will the update come out?


Now that! Would look amazing!


I thought about adding the new whale into the video but i think its better kept a surprise for the 4.80 release next week.


I just hope everyone gets it this time. Im still very sad that as an Android user I never got the angler fish


There we go, lol. :t_rex:


Okay, thanks! I keep forgetting things randomly when I least expect it.


God I hope it’s the skeleton one. PLEASE let it be the skeleton one! I LOVE THE SKELETON WHALE! :t_rex:


I’m holding out for the whale becoming some sort of Cthulu, but a skeleton whale would work too :grin:


I too loved that skeleton whale.


Maybe one of those monsters from the Cloververse. That would be cool. :t_rex:


A Kaiju would be awesome too :scream:


But we already have a Kaiju! Poor bat-winged baby! :sob:


“Thar she blows! The great, white whale” :axi::axi::axi::axi::axi::axi:


I think you replied to the wrong guy. :man_shrugging: