Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


Please discuss the second wave of the Duskfall Season here!

Link to the Announcement: More Duskfall Dragons and a Rider Emerge from the Night…

More Duskfall Dragons and a Rider Emerge from the Night

Still confused on this wording. Would this be just plus 50% boost of its attack or plus 150%? :t_rex:


I agree. We need to know😬


What’s the max stats of the def rider?

Can you clear up the rage cost of the second cast of fever?


I believe it is the former, but I will double check. :slight_smile:

Not sure on the max stats, I can try to get some more info there. There is no rage cost for the second cast of Scarlet Fever!

EDIT: I’ve just updated the announcement post to reflect this.


Please make it a +150% boost🙏


That would make the most powerful hunter of all time ! :rofl::rofl:




so fomhar has 8 seconds vanish and flying speed of 100 but couldnt pass small island if the alive towers slow the speed down.
Prospero has 4 seconds cloak and flying speed of 150. does this mean if both use cloak at the same time and place, both of them will be at the same position when the spell run out?

assume 1 fire ball damage is 100. if under the effect of this spell, 1 fire ball damage is 150 or 250?

note that: aibrean has chaos, a 2 rages blue spell and under the spell effect, 1 fire will get 200 damage (assume base is 100)



And no, cloak (and vanish) both speed the dragon up. Enshroud won’t move any faster than your typical blue cloak. Prospero will not be able to pass a short island with his Enshroud.


Serious question:

Get Pathox, or get Mythic glyph from Prospero and put it on Neptus?


So Enshroud’s primary use is going to be blinking shots, yeah? Can’t really be used effectively to regenerate ammo if it’s that short. :t_rex:


Sure it can. 4s is a long time. I’m not positive, but maybe long enough to fill the clip?


At least get 80%


Was there a vanish nerf?


Yeah, but when everyone else has the dragon and suddenly no base is able to beat him, I don’t think you’ll be as pleased. :rofl:


true, see how effective aibrean’s chaos burst damage at the end of turning is
if it is +150% , it would have more damage than that and never gonna be canceled by mage or time for the whole base


Weird, must have been thinking of the cd. I stand corrected then.


I notice that we are being ripped off again with gear and shards being mixed in both pages of the rider, so much for it not being settled during the last stream!!!

And the gear still sucks!


At least with rider being part of a “must complete” to gain access to the mythic it’s not as big of a slap in the face but the other was completely so as veteran atlas players don’t need that equipment at all. It’s really pretty pointless and will become less and less relevant the more they expand atlas out.