Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread




Gold Prospero was able to take down my sapphire level Atlas invader base without any issues. Loving it so far, I actually use second red cast a lot because recast is possible right away. Great hunter for me, no regrets!

Btw was duskfall map already enabled?


It does happen. Axi, Nec, argueably Fom…as can hold their own against their respective mythics. Not to mention that Merkt was inferior to almost all of his paired legendary divines. :sweat_smile:


I mean it happens, but I was saying it shouldn’t happen. LOL merkt :joy:


So, do you find the spell similar to seething spark?


I dont have much experience with Spark but its pretty much White Fever, pewpew, when you have no cloak or clonsume is on cd and red mage is down, just put a stun and cast Fever immediately. I had zero rage issues so far but had only one case of defended base (my level, 150, with plat Prospero) and I melted it :frog:


Watching from the video Prospero is gonna get wrecked on long islands. Still gonna get em tho.
Easily wrecked not OP at all lol.


I wouldn’t base any judgements off of anyone at PG flying him, just saying.

I’m holding out for some decent flyers’ reviews…


Okay heres why. He burns through rage so quickly even having the AFR. Lets say you have 5 rage and go into long island. 2 on white damage boost and 1 on white cloak. Okay now this gets tricky and depends on the player. You can stun or not. If you don’t your dragon dies but you get good damage the stun doesn’t last long enough and your cloak may or may not be still on regenerating. If you don’t cloak Prospero dies. If you don’t stun after Prospero dies. So likely you have use another 2 rage for white damage boost. Then cloak again to dodge for 1 rage. It burns through rage so quickly and can be easily killed after a stun. This is on a long island. Just think about the video and the dragon fighting another 5 towers with only 2 rage and not 5. And then think about all the towers being defended properly. Tbh if it weren’t for the AFR this dragon would be borderline mediocre.
NOTE: that may sound confusing and was difficult to word.


Would it not be worth using a rider on him then? Stupid question probably, but I respect your opinion.


It’s still worth it, it just has diminishing returns at the higher end.


Im guessing that the other 100% is from the runes and glyphs equipped and maxed?


No. :rofl: The dragon has its base 100% attack, a 150% boost brings him to 250% attack damage. If it was 150% total the attack boost would only be 50%.


I don’t see a big need for an ice flak on a conventional kill island right now. Imo, it works just as well at level 1 on the rage drain, especially if you’re low on embers.


3.5s is a pretty long time to kill towers, and for them to not attack. It’s also longer than the CD of enshroud.

@Lutrus is there any way to tell when the damage of a dragon stacks, and when it doesn’t without getting it? All this is getting pretty confusing…


Gold Pathox took out my garnet/emerald tier invader base. Just stating for comparison.


Level 1 Cavaleris took down my gold invader base :stuck_out_tongue:

Just saying, performance on invaders =/= performance on well built bases.


How do you find out the tier of your invader base? :eyes:


I assumed it was the tier you were in when you had it?


Wouldn’t level be more … accurate? Since 300s could still be in sapphire