Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


Got it. I got a bit confused there for a second :joy:


…yes. hmm. Level 94 invader?


Someone with Prospero attack my base. :grin:


And did they win?


It’s a request. Come visit me. :kissing_heart:


My Prospero is going to lose so badly. It’s only in green but I’ll give it a shot


Show my rage drain what’s for. :see_no_evil:


Well your rage drain didn’t drain my rage. But your double flak tower island got Prospero and Zotz. Aibrean got through it


It sucks, because you screwed it up YET AGAIN and are defrauding your paying players. I’m personally close to writing this second-rate programming shop off.


Well I wasn’t on to drain your rage. :rofl: I’ll give it a look after work, thanks for the visit. :kissing_heart:


I’ll visit again…later, with Fomhar, unfortunately. I’ll probably wait for Somnus before going for Prospero, though :wink:


What is this dragon weakness?
base layout?


Storms, high level red’s, high gear bases, smart defenders :man_shrugging:t3:


storm is not that effective if you see how aibrean burst damage
and the rest means it has no weakness itself
250% damage is too much with a dragon with white cloak and flak resist


Have you flown it against defended bases, with good gear, though?


good gear dont increase tower health to 250% to take the damage where just 200% can kill the tower


Can’t wait to find out for yourself :upside_down_face:


Ahmmm, no it didn’t? There were vids. Also you are correct, prior to Huitzil they only screwed with seasonal runes and spell color affiliations post-release.

EDIT: also Kinnarus/Borgian :wink:

I can’t stop laughing at this… :joy::joy::joy:

Dilly, dilly!



cough Kinnarus cough Borgian :wink:



Dammit, PG…