Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


Sorry, vids of what exactly?

My understanding of this was that PG’s promotional material, including the streams, showcased Huitzil before they figured out that they were missing a decimal somewhere, and prior to release it was changed. The uproar was caused by the difference between what was advertised and what people actually got.

Again, I could be wrong. I wasn’t paying the closest of attention to that season.


I distinctly remember the hoopla starting by people waking up to find him changed suddenly after already having him


Well, that shatters my evaluation of everything PG stands for.

oh wait…


How much attack increase is on Prosperos mythic glyph?


You can look up any rune/glyph here: https://dragon-manager.com/dragonrunes

Looks like it gets up to +8% hunter attack if you have the rune dust. :open_mouth:


Nice, thanks. I didn’t know the dragon Manager has Info on runes too :sweat_smile:

Hmm I’m thinking about putting that one on Pathox too for a total of +21% attack :heart_eyes:


you have pathox and prospero ? :drooling_face:


Nope I wish :joy: still working on Pathox (currently at emerald stone).


Was the defense riders max buffs when going strictly for attk and hp confirmed?


Adding onto our earlier convo:


Interesting info, looks like the 150% quoted to the CF is simply not true. Last-minute nerf? I’ve asked Gox what the boosts and rider on that dragon were, but it looks like the real damage boost is around 80% of base damage, similar to Avyx and Fomhar.

Edit: Got some numbers from Gox, looks like Prospero’s spell is adding +100% base damage. So a bit more than Avyx/Fomhar, but half of what Aibrean’s chaos adds. Feels more balanced to me than the 150% they announced. But disappointing we have to find out ourselved that the advertised stats are once again not quite correct.


That makes a lot more sense from a balance perspective. 150% was very high, even though the apparent buff is lower with gear equipped


@Arelyna @PGCrisis explanation please. Another secret nerf?


8 265 698 = 2.36*x
x = 3502414
3502414 * 1.5 = 5253621

Actual damage should be = 8265698 + 5253621 = 13519319 ? :thinking:


A little lower than that, the dragon already had a high level of boost. My math:

The bold numbers are from the screenshots Gox provided. The base damage was reconstructed from that.
I think one of the % at the top might be slightly off, because 96.43% is a weird number. But it’s a long way short of the expected 150% for sure.


yeah it seems alot like its a 100% boost and not 150% … PG :roll_eyes:


This discrepancy is highly concerning and deserves a response.


Hey Everyone, I just caught wind of this thread so I can provide some context for the behavior you’re experiencing. At the moment, Scarlet Fever’s 150% damage increase draws its boost value from Prospero’s BASE attack power. The bonus damage doesn’t take into account any runes, research, of dragon rider modifiers that increase Prospero’s attack power.

As an example, if Prospero has 8,000 base attack power, and his dragon rider increases his attack power to 9,000. The post-Scarlet Fever damage will be 20,000, not 22,500.

This damage boost works the same way that damaging spells do their damage based off of the dragon’s base HP, rather than post-modified HP.

That said, I do recognize that the math @Morreion ran matches my own, and this is a weird occurrence. For what it’s worth, I checked the parameters for the spell both on the release version that went live and in several future releases that haven’t gone out yet and they all point to a 150% boost from Scarlet Fever (meaning a 2.5 times multiplier). The parameter is correct ,but there may be another issue that we’re not currently aware of. This definitely deserves an investigation.

Did Prospero get nerfed?
Did Prospero get nerfed?

Um… Didn’t @Arelyna confirm that the boost brought Prosperi up to a total of 250% attack power as it is additive? By that math, after Scarlet Fever he should have 20,000 attack power, not 12,000.


:eyes: Did you forget your employee yellow highlight? Or is this post one made in an “unofficial” capacity?