Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


He also said his calculations matched Morreion’s which leads me to think he meant to say “the post-Scarlet Fever damage” is added to the base but didn’t word it as clearly as we would have liked.


This post? :t_rex:


It’s supposed to be 250%, I ran the wrong math example in the original post. Edited it to match the intended behavior.


That is correct. I edited my post to match that.


No detail escapes the forum scrutinizers! :joy:

Good luck figuring out what’s going on with him, good to know that this is definitely not intended behaviour.


I wonder if Fever was tested at and found to be balanced with a 100% boost (while the testers thought they were doing +150%). :grimacing:


Tbh, I thought 150% always on would be excessive, so that’s quite possible. But promising 150% and then delivering 100% to buyers is also not okay. So those buyers might end up lucky and get a fairly OP dragon when this is fixed.


/poke poke/ Any update on this? :t_rex:


wait wait wait, Scarlet Fever , how much does the damage increase? Should be 250% right ( like regular Havoc ) ??
Considering 100 dmg per fireball, under Scarlet Fever 1 fireball will do 250 dmg, right ??


I believe that’s how it’s supposed to be performing but at the moment it is not. More like 100% boost. :t_rex:


as Chaos ??


I don’t know Chaos’s stats off the top of my head, so I wouldn’t know. Right now SF is just not boosting as much as advertised and I personally think that’s BS… :grimacing: :t_rex:


whats mean BS ?? anyway, its just a glitch or PG nerfed Prospero ??


BS = bullshit.

How am I supposed to know? :man_shrugging: It’s why I responded to @PGLawson up there asking for an update on the “investigation” into it. :t_rex:


so this was a bs ?!
It seems unfair to release false information :rage:


Yeah. We’ll see if it’s just a glitch or if PG has pulled a Huitzil on us. I am hoping for the first option. :t_rex:


this MUST be a glitch, because they can not make fun of us….people spend money, real money


The test was done on a friend’s account. No runes, no gears, no rider, no consumables
58718 Without Scarlet Fever / 129749 With Scarlet Fever… @PGCrisis @PGLawson


Research? :eyes: