Duskfall Wave 2 - Discussion Thread


So of this is true, it doesnt matter if you got boost/gear or whatever, SF dmg will always be base damage 2.5?? Or after the 150% is applied, it will add the boost/gear bonus dmg?

To make it clear, will SF dmg be:

  • base dam. X 2.5
  • (base dam X 2.5) + (30% boost X base dam.) + (x% gear boost X base dam.) , etc.


Your ‘to make it clear’ is complete unclear to me :joy:

It’s very simple, SF works like any other boost in the game. The amount of damage is based on base damage, and it’s piled on top of the total. For SF, that damage should be 150% of base, but seems bugged.

So if SF worked as planned, your damage for a dragon with base damage 100 (with boosts and rider) is:

  • Base damage 100
  • plus SF damage 150
  • plus Boost damage 30
  • plus Maxed legendary gear damage 80
  • plus Rider damage 13
  • plus Hunter research 24

For a total of 397 damage.

Without SF active, this dragon would do 247 damage.


Any updates on this? Being investigated?


Last I’ve seen about it, earlier this thread:


May I suggest that the spell might have a 100% cap just like Fury of the wastes (100) or War cry (200). It could be inherited from the code of a base spell on which all these spells are based. Basically you increase the damage to 250 but cap it at 200.


What did you exspect? An cheap dragon better than Patox? Prospero aint shit against Pathox


Is Sylphen even worth it? I have him at green and works like Hauheset, is he even in same league as prospero? sitting on 22k sigils and debating where to spend them.


Did you get Cavaleris, and are you trying to get Pathox? If Yes, finish Sylphen, get Pathox. If no - I have no idea why anyone would get Sylphen unless they fancied themselves as an “expert” flyer and wanted to make supercool videos to prove it.

I’ve wanted to like Sylphen all the way up through Emerald now, and I still just don’t.

But that’s just my 1 data point - get others.


i only use him on high level bases to setting up the killbase. usually takes my 3 dragons level 236 to take down a 300+ for their resources. But between, hauset, sylphen and one other dragon i can do it as long as there are no defenders LOL But as a solo 5 flame dragon it is tuff.


Depends what you need. If you need a clean for hau, he works pretty well for that.

If you need a drag to solo bases around your level, then pros is better suited to that.


Shouldn’t that be 21.000 ?
Or does the rider buff completly disapaer ?




I feel like that’s similar to calling the sun hot.


Pretty much what I am wondering too…


It should be 21,000 for the total, but he may intend to only show the difference in buff increase rather than the end result.

Because we use 250% instead 100% + 150%. (Increase is only 150%, but it gets added to the original amount) and because he was trying to show the difference between compounded vs additive bonuses, you need it broken before you can compare compound vs additive.

Compounded you say:
{ [ Base * ( 1 + buff1 ) ] * [ 1 + buff2 ] } * { 1 + buff3 }

Where as Additive you would say
Base * ( 1 + buff1 + buff2 + buff3 )

But you can’t use the 250% number and do that because it already adds the base value in, so you would use 150% here.

The first way will make much larger numbers (harder to balance)

In that example it’s not super obvious the size difference, but when you use larger percents and more buffs it quickly goes into crazy numbers. (And of corse the order you apply buffs can matter)


@PGLawson Any updates on Scarlet Fever? Its still bugged :confused:


Well is there anything not bugged in this game🧐


No problem buying packs :upside_down_face:


Can you fix Prospero’s SF now that an Uber storm flak has been secretly released? :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


It’s an Uber storm/iceturret flak